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About Splingo

SPLINGO is an app aimed at younger children helping them to not only learn more about the world around them through increasing their speech and language skills through targeting specific areas of language development.

The app has been developed and designed by speech and language therapists and it is clear to see throughout the app how their knowledge and expertise in this area has led them to create an app that really does support young children in this area. There is always a chance that with an app designed by a specialist that it can weigh too much on the mechanics of reading and language development at the expense of a fun engaging game, however the developers of Splingo have managed to strike a good balance between these two areas.

There is a lot of content within the app too as it aims to support young children in a number of key different speech and language areas. The content is delivered through games that children play and cover areas such as following directions, pronouns, past tense, adjectives and others. These games can also all be customised to personalise the learning to the individuals using the app which is an excellent feature. There is also an assessment tool within the app that allows parents, educators the ability to assess how users are progressing which really adds a whole different level to the app.

Splingo Review

What is SPLINGO app?

SPLINGO is an app that aims to support young children with their speech and language skills through a number of targeted games aimed at specific elements of language development. Some of these areas include adjectives, early word development and words linked to different categories. The app uses a range of games, specific to each of these language areas to help develop those particular skills. There is also a customisable feature within the games to allow for personalisation as well as an assessment tool to assess abilities of users, both excellent features.

What we love about Splingo

There are a number of really good things about the app, in fact it’s difficult to not like everything about it. However, there are two main things that I think really set the app apart from others in the market. These are the assessment tool within the app as well as the ability to personalise learning in the app through customisable features. With other apps on the market they lack the ability to do this and so in having these the app really gives users, parents and educators a lot of potential in using the app to make significant learning gains with young children.

What skills does it improve?

Splingo aims to improve the user’s speech and language skills. Through targeted games, over a number of specific areas such as, pronouns and describing words the app pinpoints learning to help users make the biggest gains in these areas.

What age is it appropriate for?

SPLINGO app I would suggest is aimed at users at the lower age range. The app is around helping children with their speech and language so for this reason it is more likely that younger children will be accessing it around the 2-5 age range.

Is SPLINGO easy to use?

For the user the app is incredibly easy to use and access.

How will students benefit?

Students will benefit from being able to access an app that will build their range of speech and language skills. It will allow them to learn specific elements of the speech and language through the targeted games.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers will benefit from students working their way through the app and widening their speech and language skills. It will also allow teachers to personalise learning with the customisable options in the app as well as being able to assess the users as they access it.

How will parents benefit?

There are many benefits for parents which are very similar to that of teachers. They will know that their child is taking a small amount of time a day (if used on a daily basis) to learn speech and language elements as well as being to customise their learning. If parents also use the app alongside their child they will be able to work with them to see what areas they need to improve.

What SPLINGO can improve on?

There is actually very little in the design of the app that would make me think that it needed to change or be improved upon. The design and sound of the app is pitched perfectly, and the game play is excellent. The content is spot on too. The only thing I would suggest is having the developers produce more apps like this.

How much does SPLINGO cost?

SPLINGO costs $39.99

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

There is no free version of the app.

Is SPLINGO safe to use

SPLINGO app content is completely child-friendly and contains no content that could be considered in the website and appropriate or unsafe for children.

Overall rating of the website and app

SPLINGO website and app has received a 5 star EAS rating and this is due to the premise of the app and the learning within it.

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Android, iPad, iPhone


Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years)


Communication Skills
Life Skills
Academic Relevance


In-App Purchases - Yes

In-App Advertising - No


Splingo Ltd.

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