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SplashLearn Review

SplashLearn is a game-based learning program for elementary grade kids. SplashLearn is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices. SplashLearn can be played on any modern device with a browser through its web app. 

SplashLearn is an educational platform that you can subscribe to on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. You can try it for free for 7 days before you subscribe.

SplashLearn Features

  • Over 8,000 learning games, activities and printable worksheets for preschool to Grade 5
  • Live classes for maths and reading by certified teachers
  • Comprehensive Curriculum that covers 350+ maths skills
  • Personalised Learning Path that adapts to each child's learning style
  • Dashboard with detailed progress reports
  • Weekly email reports in your inbox

Screenshots of SplashLearn

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How much does SplashLearn cost?

Following a 7-day free trial, SplashLearn is accessed through a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription for private users. Schools can use SplashLearn in full for free.

SplashLearn costs $7.99 per month for its math or reading programs and $11.99 for both.

Parents have the option of a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription or a family subscription. The yearly plan is better value than the monthly plan for a single child. The family plan is yearly but supports up to 3 child accounts as opposed to the single child of the others. Schools need to contact SplashLearn to set up a school-wide platform.

Is it good for learning?

SplashLearn helps kids learn both maths and reading skills. It has maths games for pre-K to grade 5 and reading games for up to grade 2. It has a lot of games and activities for each subject, almost 2000 for each one. It covers the skills that kids need to learn in school.

SplashLearn follows the common core standards and is used by many schools and students at home, to make their lessons more fun and effective. SplashLearn is a learning app that matches the national curriculum for students from Reception to Year 6.

What is SplashLearn?

SplashLearn is an adaptive learning program, matching its difficulty level to each student’s ability in real time and thus capable of providing more targeted and differentiated learning in the process. 

SplashLearn helps kids to learn reading and maths skills. As you'll see in this review of SplashLearn app, it appeals to kids up to the age of 11 through its colourful and interesting games and interactive worksheets.

SplashLearn has long been a popular platform for helping children develop Maths skills but it has now added a reading skills section too. Children learn by following personalised learning paths that teach and provide practice to children through colourful and fun mini-activities including games and interactive worksheets.

SplashLearn makes it easy to practice and to track students' growth on specific math concepts. Growing in popularity in schools across the US, SplashLearn is currently also available for homeschoolers and parents looking for at-home practice or enrichment for their kids. 

Following a 7-day free trial, SplashLearn is accessed through a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription for private users. Schools can use SplashLearn in full for free.

Who is SplashLearn ideal for?

  • Students who want to practice math or phonics skills in a more engaging way
  • Students who need to improve specific areas of their learning
  • Students who want to learn at their own pace and level

The Pros of using SplashLearn

  • Visually appealing design
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Effective for targeted age group
  • Incremental learning approach
  • Keeps children actively involved

More Information

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Adaptive Learning Adaptive Learning
Games Games

Suitable for ages - Primary School Apps (5-7 Years)
Primary School Apps (7-11 Years)

Subjects & Topics - Games
English / Literacy

Great for - Academic Relevance

Benefits for Teachers

Teachers using SplashLearn get useful and effective monitoring and assessment tools that will help them keep a close eye on the progress of individual children. The copious content of SplashLearn is mapped against both the English national curriculum and the US Common Core and State Standards. This makes it easy for teachers to integrate SplashLearn with their teaching.

Benefits for Parents

If schools set homework using SplashLearn, parents will find it much easier to get children to complete it when compared with worksheets. No educational app quite matches the fun of modern computer games but the colourful, varied, and interesting games of SplashLearn are far more stimulating for kids than traditional homework sheets.

Parents whose children do not attend a SplashLearning-school can still make full use of it. Using a parental account to monitor and guide their child's reading or maths development, parents can help their children progress quickly or overcome difficulties.

The Cons of using SplashLearn

  • Limited variety in activity mechanics
  • Sign-up issues with previous users
  • Difficulties in using an already registered email for login

Download SplashLearn

You can download SplashLearn on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the SplashLearn app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Download SplashLearnfor Android Download SplashLearnfor iOS Visit Website

Final Verdict: SplashLearn Review

SplashLearn is a game-based and curriculum-aligned learning experience for Math and Reading. It offers over 8,000 learning games, activities and printable worksheets for grades starting from Preschool (PreK) and going upto Grade 5.

SplashLearn has grown out of the earlier, well-received SplashMath. Its useful learning tools and top-notch presentation have made it popular with parents, teachers and kids and it looks like they will continue to do so. SplashLearn is an excellent app for supporting children in maths classes as well as when learning to read. Its subscription is good value when looked at in the context of just how much content is included. For schools, who get SplashLearn for free, it is a must. SplashLearn is a 5-star app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SplashLearn have a free trial?

Yes! SplashLearn offers a 7-day free trial for parents that provides unlimited access to all the premium resources.

During this time, the app is fully usable but the content becomes unavailable once the trial is over. It is different for schools, however. The entire SplashLearn Premium package, with all of its features, is available for free - very good value indeed!

Is SplashLearn safe for kids?

SplashLearn is safe for kids as this app that is designed with a child’s safety and success in mind. Featuring no third party advertising, Splash Learn takes into account the concerns of parents while still providing an exciting platform for children. 

SplashLearn has the kidSAFE+ COPPA-CERTIFIED Seal ensuring that it has age appropriate content and that it handles data and security in a responsible manner. This review of SplashLearn app and web app also found them to be entirely safe for the age groups at which it is aimed.

What age or grades is SplashLearn for?

SplashLearn is intended for kids in pre-K to Grade 5 in math and pre-K to Grade 2 in reading.

SplashLearn contains content to meet many of the maths objectives for 2 to 11 year olds in maths, regardless of the particular curriculum their schools follows. The resources for learning to read are for children aged between 2 and 5 years-old.

Privacy Rating

Data Safety

Does the app provide a secure and safe experience for its intended usersSplashLearn is safe to use

Value and Presentation

Is the app easy to use and accessible?SplashLearn is easy to use and accessible
Is this app well-made and presented?SplashLearn is well-made and presented
Is this app useful for its intended users?SplashLearn is user-friendly
Does this app provide good value?SplashLearn provides good value to the users