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About Spiral

A simplistic teaching tool that allows teachers to communicate with students through an online platform, accessible from most internet connected devices.  It provides an interface for interactive questioning and discussions where the results are immediately available to the teacher.  An excellent site, which replaces the need for bespoke hardware.

Spiral Review

This tool allows communication between students and teachers through an online platform, promoting whole class participation as teachers are able to share discussion topics, students can respond, and result are available immediately.  Topics can be set in advance and written responses sent, alternatively questions can be posed as the lesson progresses, allowing immediate responses which can be displayed, collated and analysed, while the teacher retains the ability to feedback positively, discretely or offer a second attempt.  The site supports most internet ready devices, allowing teachers and students to access through a range of platforms such as: computer, tablet or mobile phone. 

Teachers are required to invest some initial time to fully understand the sites capabilities, however, once up and running the interface is intuitive and logical in its setup.  Further, this investment is time well spent as the ability to really engage learners and further learning become apparent.  Initial registration is simple, although it would be nice to have the ability for teachers to upload a class list or schools to upload a series of class lists.  The developers report that they are already working on this feature, alongside integration for information management systems such as SIMS.  Videos offer excellent introductions to each feature and are supported by written instructions, however, the curious teacher can just as easily click through all links to get an overview of the site and its functions.  As an online platform accessible from different devices, this site replaces the need for bespoke hardware, and is superior in several aspects: faster responses, smoother user interaction and greater functionality.

The ability to share links or online resources, such as videos, is an excellent feature, as is the automatic saving previous discussion results.  This allows teachers to repeat material, saving time, but perhaps most importantly, student responses are also recorded, allowing the teacher to improve the lesson but at the same time learn from previous answers (and/or misconceptions).  This feature in itself is an extremely powerful tool for reflection and improving content, but it also encourages continued engagement with the site.

Although it may be possible to use across a range of ages, perhaps secondary and beyond has the greatest potential, where users are able to interact with their own devices.  It can be used across the curriculum throughout all subjects and should be seen as a method of enhancing learning and engaging all users.  Overall an excellent app which receives a 4 star rating.

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