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About Spellwizards

Spellwizards is a fantastic web based app that aims to help young children in all stages and in all years of primary school to enhance and develop a multitude of literacy based skills. Logging in via the website parents, teachers and children can access different types of information within the site all of which are aimed specifically to whoever the user is. For instance a parent or teacher has access to progress reports on their child so they can track their performance as they learn. This can then be used to assess further steps or guidance that may be needed.

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Teacher Review

Spell Wizards is a subscription web based app that aims to help young children to improve in their spelling abilities. However, in the way the app is set up it also helps children in all areas of their literacy development which is a real bonus of the app.

The app covers all the year groups in English primary schools; foundation all the way to year six and then within each year there is a choice of difficulty levels from easy, medium and hard. Therefore there is a lot of content within the app and lots of opportunities for development and progress to be made for the user.

When a child logs into the website they can select their year group and the difficulty level that they wish to work from. Once they have done this the app then opens a new page which has a sentence written on it with a word missing. The child must then listen to the sentence being read out aloud before typing in the missing word in the space provided. Both the sound and the graphics are of good quality and are pitched well to the intended users meaning it doesn’t detract from the learning at all. After the child has typed in the correct word they then move onto the next sentence. At the top of the page there is a score to show them how well they are doing.

The gameplay itself is certainly good enough for a favourable review however there are lots of extras in this app which really enhance its offer. Both teachers and parents are also able to log into their own areas within the app so they can track and assess their child’s progress. They can select to review reports from a week and parents are also emailed a snapshot weekly review of their child’s progress. In this snapshot they are given information on how many attempts were made, how many were correct and the number of incorrect attempts as well as the words they got wrong, the level and year group all the sentences were attempted in. If a parent has multiple children then all of them will appear on this report too. Parents and teachers are also able to set weekly spellings for their child. This could either be done to encourage them to use the app or from looking at the reports and then adjusting the spellings based on the ones the child had struggled with. Again, this extra really enhances the offer of the app.

The website itself provides a lot of support for new users. There is a guide on how to access and the use the app which has screenshots making it much easier to understand and work through. You are also able to have a demonstration of the gameplay for no charge to see if this is the type of app that you would like to commit to. It is a subscription based app; however the charges can be as little as £2.75 per month or £30 annually. I feel for the content within the app and the ability to track and monitor a child the price is probably justified.

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Spell Wizards is an engaging educational programme designed specifically to help children learn, while having fun along the way.

Easy to access and simple to use, Spell Wizards has been designed for children aged 4-11 in order to improve their spelling, and enhance their computer knowledge and typing skills.

Set up after a chance pool-side conversation by two dads-of-two, to support and engage their own children in learning; the simple idea has since grown into a fully-fledged and dynamic digital tool, which will help primary school children to realise their full potential and boost their confidence.

Accessible online as a web app, Spell Wizards is an effective support tool which can be used by schools, teachers and parents looking to encourage and engage children to learn through play, with the added benefit of being able to track their progress online.

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