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Spell Now is an app that helps students to improve their spelling by encouraging them to play specific games

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This is a follow on from the same developers’ 1, 2 and 3 level apps of the same name and part of a series going all the way up to level 6. The apps are different in their content but share the same functionality. As the apps move up in levels they become increasingly harder and so are aimed at older students. This app is aimed at KS2 students and builds well on the previous apps. However, a user does not need to have accessed the previous apps to be able to access this one and they do not even need to work up in the levels. The beauty of the app is that they can be accessed at any level by anyone in both an education and home setting.

The developers of the app have clearly worked with experts in gaming, education and language to create an app that not only looks professional but that is strongly linked into the curriculum to help improve students’ ability to spell as well their comprehension. It is clear from the developer’s website that a lot of time has been spent to develop the apps in such a way that it utilises all aspects of the developers’ expertise. The website itself is also well developed and gives a good indication to users as to how to make the most out of all aspects of the app. The website is also where users can create accounts that open up all the possibilities that the app provides. Although the app is free there is a paid for service in terms of a subscription. The subscription allows the user to access the whole content of the app rather than just the trial aspect within the app. 

Once a user opens the app they are introduced to a front page that gives them the option to log in, if they have a subscription, or to access the trial content. If they have a subscription then they can access the personalised learning pathway of the app or have a free reign to access all the content in whatever order they prefer. The trial version in the app gives a good feel to full content in the full app but also can easily be used learn from on its own. However, I would suggest that taking out a subscription really allows the user to benefit from all the research and work that has gone into developing the app. 

There is certainly a lot of content within the app and this is organised via 4 terms and then further sub-divided into 10 topics. These topics cover areas such as comparatives, homophones, plurals etc and gives the user the ability to learn the spellings through 6 different games. The games themselves are aimed to allow all types of users the ability to learn the spellings. For instance the games have been developed to cater for students who prefer auditory, kinaesthetic or visual pathways and can be used in such a way or can give a user the ability to learn from all the different styles. This is a good example of how the app can be used in a number of different ways and is certainly one of the main reasons why the app is so successful. 

From the overall look and design of the app to the playability and use of gamification within it the app has a number of different reasons as to why it works so well. It will certainly keep users engaged but importantly it will help develop their skills and abilities in their spellings.

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This app transforms the way year 4 students develop spelling skills. We have gamified the learning experience so that your digital native has fun while mastering their spelling. Students are transported to the fiery depths of Lava Land, full of fun and quirky creatures. Your child will love SpellNow Level 4 as it boosts their spelling achievement and confidence!

Unlike other spelling programs, SpellNow Level 4 delivers a truly personalised learning experience that targets each student’s learning needs. With a year’s worth of work, this app offers two distinct learning environments – ‘Open Road’ and ‘My Journey’. ‘Open Road’ allows students to freely navigate through 40 spelling lists across four school terms, while ‘My Journey’ features our unique adaptive learning engine to automatically detect students’ skill gaps before issuing them with a personalised learning pathway. Students are rewarded at each milestone, with special surprises along the way!

Written by experienced teachers, SpellNow Level 4 is aligned to the year 4 Australian Curriculum for English and provides students with the essential building blocks of spelling. It targets students in the transitional and complex stages of spelling, and helps them make the spelling-meaning connection that is necessary to become a good speller. Each spelling list is organised according to letter-sound patterns and word family groupings so students can make sense of the mechanics of spelling. Lists range from frequently used words with simple spelling patterns, to less frequently used words with difficult spelling patterns.

With SpellNow Level 4, students can work on their spelling all year around! There’s a bank of over 800 words, with each word used in a sentence to aid students’ understanding and help develop their vocabulary skills. SpellNow Level 4 covers a comprehensive range of spelling skills, such as, comparatives and superlatives, compound words and suffixes (-ful -less -ness –ment), diphthongs (oi, oy, oo, u, ou, ow, ough, au and aw), final trigraph (-tch) digraph (–ch), long vowel (a, i, o, u and e), irregular past tense, irregular plurals, homophones, suffixes (-ful, -ly and –ness), compound words using prefix (over- under-) and suffix (–ward), word endings (-le, –el, –il and –al), final syllables (-et, –it, -er, -ar and –or), suffixes (-tion, -ish, -ous, -ey and -y), final sounds (-dge, -ge, -age, -ture, -sure, -ct/ion and -ss/ion), open and closed syllables, prefixes (un-, re-, dis-, mis-, in-, im-, fore- and en-), hard and soft c and g, silent letters (kn, gn and wr), silent e making preceding vowel long, complex silent letters, Greek Roots and Latin Stems (dent, mag, tele and aud) and Greek Roots (milli, kilo, cent, duo and mult).

Six interactive spelling games cater to different learning styles – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Each spelling game stimulates students’ sensory skills by transporting them to a fun and vibrant environment where they interact with quirky characters. SpellNow Level 4 is a totally interactive and personalised learning experience that is fun and rewarding. Help your child begin their journey to spelling mastery NOW!

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