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Spelling Space - Ultimate

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It helps student’s practice their spelling outside of the classroom and on the go. You can create your OWN spelling lists and hear yourself spell them by recording audio for each word. This helps parents get further involved with their child’s spelling lists. 

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Spelling Space - Ultimate, is a spelling game that features the ability for you to create your own spelling lists, add as many words to them as you like, and RECORD your own audio for each word! This is the perfect app for any child that brings home a list of words from school and needs to practice them. Create that list in our app, record the audio for all the words so your child gets to hear your voice prompt them for each word! Both parents and teachers have noted a marked improvement in student’s grades on spelling tests after playing this game. Oh, and we did add a bit of fun for the kids!!!

  • This is designed to be played on tablets
  • Requires a built in microphone on your device


  • A totally FUN way to practice your spelling lists for school!!!
  • Parents and Teachers have noted improvements in spelling test grades when using this app!
  • FULLY customizable by parents to add your children's spelling lists each week and give them a way to practice over and over with ease
  • You record your own voice audio for the list words so it's familiar for your kids
  • Vibrant, fun graphics (and a cute Alien!)
  • Creates a fun learning atmosphere that will entice kids to want to play / learn
  • Multiple user accounts - create an account for all of your children.
  • Multiple spelling lists - easily to add and edit your own!
  • No limit to the number of words on a list!
  • Calculates grades each time a spelling test is taken
  • Power bar statistics tracks the percentage based on the amount of times they've spelled each word in their list.
  • Kids can practice their "entire list" or focus on "difficult words" to hone in on specific words in their list they are struggling with for extra practice!
  • View a report on every spelling list and see every grade your child scored on that list when they have completed a full test!
  • Create a list for one child and assign it to another (multiple list assignment)!! Stats are remembered for each child!
  • Earn asteroids during gameplay as you correctly spell words!
  • At intermission and end of gameplay you get to fire your asteroids at the spaceships flying by! (See if you can destroy the ship with multiple hits)
  • This app is a wonderful learning tool for kids of all ages. It encourages kids to play/practice their spelling, and gives parents a little break from repeating lists over and over verbally each night during the week!
  • No Limits! Create as many accounts as you like and as many lists as you like!
  • Great for families and classroom settings!
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