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About Spelling Monster

Spelling Monster is an educational app that allows kids to practice their own spelling lists and words (you create the lists within the app) with fun interactive spelling games. You can customize your own lists, and if you're a parent you can check how your children are doing on their own spelling words.

Spelling Monster Review

Spelling Monster is a great tool that allows kids to practice their spelling words with fun interactive mini games. Make your own word lists for your kids, and let them learn while playing with adorable little monsters.

Some of the games you’ll find within the Spelling Monster app include:

Beatz – Here Brainy Zainy and the rest of the spelling monsters teach kids how to practice and study their spelling words with spelling games. Enter your spelling words. A great adventure awaits!

Letter Catch Game – Catch the correct letter apples in the basket to complete the spelling word; but be careful! Each incorrect apple that is caught in the basket counts as one star. Lose three stars and your game is over.

Letter Pop Game – Pop the letter bubbles to spell the words. Be sure you don’t pop the wrong letter or you will lose a star. You have three stars. Once they are gone, the game is over.

Missing Letter Game – Help Brainy, the super smart but forgetful spelling monster, remember the missing letter in the spelling words by filling them in. Fill in the wrong letter and you will lose a star. Remember, lose three stars and the game is over.

Word Jumble Game – Join Gus the clumsy monster and unscramble the words. Get the word wrong and you will lose a star. Lose three stars and the game is over.

Word Traffic Game – Dodge traffic and collect gas cans to spell your words with Ziggy, the super speedy monster. Be careful! Collect the wrong gas can to spell your word and you will lose a star. The game is over when you lose three stars.

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You can download Spelling Monster on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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