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This is an app designed to help young children and adults learning the English language through a series of short directed sessions which can be dipped in and out of to support learning. It is suited for a number of different uses including simple home use all the way through to directed speech therapists as well as directed education use in schools etc. There are a number of different versions available including a lite version which is free of charge.

Teacher Review

This app has clearly been well designed and developed with a lot of research behind this development. From viewing the app’s website it is clear to see that experienced and qualified educationalists and speech therapists have had a large part to play and this adds a very weighty gravitas to the app itself. In fact the website itself has quite a lot of further information on it including videos that can help the user get the most out of the apps the developer produces. The app itself is based on a series of books produced by the same company and shares all the same content but obviously delivered in an interactive way. 

The main aim of the app is to help correct speech errors and help both children and adults (adults learning English as a second language) learn the English language. This is achieved by focussing on separate letters and sounds, currently this is R, S and L letters (which are available as separate apps) and then broken down into a number of different learning aspects covering everything a user needs to learn the spoken English language. These are split into Auditory Bombardment, Auditory Discrimination and Target Sound. Auditory Bombardment contains exercises that are aimed at helping the user to hear and focus on correctly reproducing the specific sound. For example a number of words with that specific sound appear on the screen and by clicking on each one the user is able to hear them correctly pronounced. Within this section the user can hear initial sounds, ending sounds, medial words and blend groups. This is set out in a simple way so the user can progress through them in the right learning order. In the Auditory Discrimination section the user has exercises that help them to distinguish the differences between sounds and then produce them themselves correctly. In the R app the exercises include the differences between w and r, p and r, l and r, and mixed pair examples. Within the exercises the user listens to two different, but similar words and then has to highlight the r sounding one and then record themselves saying it correctly, practising and compounding their knowledge. In the final part of the app, the Target Sound part, the user is required to work through a number of different activities including   vowel combinations, initial one syllable words, two syllable words etc. Initially in this part the user is expected to work first with the sound in isolation and then move on word, phrase and finally sentence levels. This is targeted in such a way that the user develops a systematic approach that is both sensible but also maximises their learning.

One of the biggest strengths of the app is its ability to track the user and the progress they have made/are making within the app. This is an excellent addition for an educational setting where the teacher/educator can target specific areas for improvement and make sure there is a personalised approach to the learning. As already mentioned the app can be used in a number of different ways, such as home use, however I would suggest that due to certain features such as this ability to personalise the learning through tracking that its biggest market is going to be education and speech therapy.

Overall the app is a good one that when worked through systematically can really help either a young child or someone learning English as a second language in correctly pronouncing and understanding word and letter sounds. The appearance of the app is also good and engaging and would not distract the learning throughout. The usability has also been well developed as there are hints throughout that give a good explanation, should the user require it, to help them. 

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Welcome to the Speedy Speech™ App, an all-inclusive intervention program designed to help both children and adults correct speech errors quickly and efficiently through short 5-10 minute, one-on-one drill sessions. This app is structured in design and flexible in use. It is ideal for speech therapy sessions, practice at home, ESL learners, and school based intervention programs, such as RTI.

The Speedy Speech™ app has easy navigational menus. It has a hierarchical model of implementation that begins with auditory bombardment and discrimination, and then progresses through a series of word, phrase, and sentence level drills that include built-in phonemic consistency and co-articulation practice.

Each section of the app includes information pages to help guide you through the sound remediation process. Each step is clearly explained making this app very user-friendly for both speech experts and novices alike. Utilize the 'i' icon throughout the app to access more information about each section.

The Speedy Speech™ app is available for sounds R, S, and L (each sold separately). It can be used under the guidance of Speech-Language Pathologists, parents, para-professionals, teachers, or other caregivers in assisting children to improve their speech. Motivated adults who would like to improve their own speech can use this app independently or as a practice tool when working with a Speech Therapist.

The app is evidence-based and incorporates data-driven decision making to ensure the success of the students who use it. It has built-in customizable features, including automatic data collection for each student, sound recording, and voice prompts.

The Speedy Speech™ App consists of an all-in-one bundle that focuses on mass productions and has everything you need to correct the intended target sound. Each sound in the Speedy Speech™ App includes:
•Information pages with Step-by-Step Directions
•Student Response Data Tracking System
•Auditory Bombardment Sets Containing 360 words
•Auditory Discrimination Trials
•Sound In Isolation Page
•Colorful, Illustrated Drill Sets Containing:
•360 One and Two Syllable Word Trials in Initial, Medial, and Final Target Sound Positions
•360 Phrase Trials
•360 Sentence Trials
•Voice Recording and Playback

Response to Intervention
The Speedy Speech™ app implements progress monitoring and data-driven decision making, which makes it ideal for RTI. Because this app is distinctly rich in vocabulary, pictures, and exposure to grammatically correct spoken sentences teachers and therapists can make slight adjustments in their presentation and use the stimulus materials provided to assist in the remediation of various language-based delays. To help facilitate this type of instruction, several of the in-app information pages include suggested strategies that support the following areas:
• vocabulary
• listening, auditory attending, and memory
• expanding utterances
• grammatical structures
• “wh” questions

English as a Second Language (ESL) Learners
ESL learners benefit from repeated exposure to targeted sounds, vocabulary, and correct English grammar. The Speedy Speech™ app incorporates high quality recorded audio samples alongside engaging illustrations that represent vocabulary and English language samples. The app also provides numerous opportunities for chorus repetition to imitate native-like pronunciation. As a result, ESL learners can use this app to gain new language skills and improve their prosody and perception of the English language.

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