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About Speakia: Kids English Fun

Speakia provides practice for kids learning English as an additional language. It creates an immersive environment where kids can listen and talk as part of their studies.

The appropriate age of Speakia's users depends on their English proficiency. The app's support, style, and presentation are ideal for kids aged between 3 and 8 years old. Speakia app is a free download on iOS and Android devices, which you expand through in-app purchases.

Speakia: Kids English Fun Review

What is Speakia app?

Many apps claim to contain cutting-edge features, but Speakia really is at the forefront of language learning apps. It incorporates genuinely impressive artificial intelligence to create a language learning environment within a mobile device.

The app leads children through various scenarios where they must listen, read and speak in English. The app listens to kids speak and rates their attempts. Each activity is replayable for continued improvement.

The app is specifically designed for phone-sized devices but can expand to fill the screen of larger ones like those on iPads. As user accounts are based upon phone numbers, an adult will need to use a phone to set up each child's account.

What we love about Speakia.

It is rare to encounter an app that genuinely offers something new. Speakia's artificial intelligence might not be the same as speaking to a real person, but it is still impressive and definitely useful for learning. Other software has used this approach, but Speakia's speech recognition seems better enabled to judge accuracy than previous attempts.

Speakia does well to keep its users engaged. The graphics are attractive, the speaking in response is novel and effective, and the app varies how the user interacts with the different tasks.

What skills does it improve?

Speakia is an English language learning app. Within that topic, it expands users' vocabulary, teaches pronunciation, demonstrates sentence structure, and everythingyoung learners of English need to know and practise.

What age is it appropriate for?

Speakia does not explicitly aim for an age group as English as an additional language may be taught at different ages. The graphical style of the app is kid friendly but not skewed towards the very young. This presentation makes it ideal for kids aged between 3 and 8, but it could still be useful outside of this age range.

Is Speakia easy to use?

New users can try the app as a guest or create an account to begin the full experience. It is an easy process, although you will be asked for a phone number to complete it.

Once kids have access to the learning content of Speakia, they can begin to choose their activities or follow the recommended pathway, which will ensure that they approach the tasks in a logical order.

The app speaks to kids in English to give instructions but also provides visual cues to support them. Even kids who have yet to learn any English will understand what the app is asking of them.

How will students benefit?

Practising speaking a new language has always been difficult. Most of us feel awkward talking to an empty room and even more awkward speaking to ourselves in a populated space. Worse, without the feedback of a proficient speaker of the language, it is easy to pick up incorrect pronunciations of words.

Speakia lets kids practise speaking in English in private, and it gives them valuable feedback on their pronunciation and models the correct way to say the words.

The learning experience is varied and interesting, which avoids boredom setting in quickly. Each of the scenarios adds to the previous learning effectively and represent relevant situations for kids to learn.

How will teachers benefit?

Speakia is a superb resource for kids to use for homework. Alone, there are only so many ways kids can engage in beneficial practice, but with Speakia, high-quality study is possible anywhere.

If shown on a large screen, the activities can be used by teachers as they work with a class. It hasn't been designed with this in mind, but nothing makes using it at the front of a class impossible. Teachers can ask individuals to respond with different kids being asked to speak to the app to move the activity on.

The app is usable by multiple students, although each will have to sign in under their own account, and previous users will need to log out.

How will parents benefit?

Parents who want their children to have the opportunity to learn English may not have had the same chance themselves. Speakia will let their kids practise at home, even when there wouldn't be somebody with the necessary knowledge to help them.

Some parents may not have reached a proficiency level where they feel they can adequately support their kids. Pronunciation in English is difficult to learn as there are so many spelling and sounds not following established patterns. Speakia will reassure parents that they are not teaching their kids poor pronunciation that kids will have to unlearn later.

As each in-app purchase for Speakia addresses a different level of proficiency, parents will not have to pay for content they do not need.

What can Speakia improve on?

When players speak the words, the app gives them a score out of 100 and a star rating out of three. The app can clearly distinguish between correctly spoken words and wrong or poorly pronounced words as the score reflects this.

However, the acceptable threshold can be a little ambiguous. Saying the word 'getter' scores about 65 when the target word is 'sweater', a star rating of 2. We can forgive the AI for the score as it is only the initial letter sound that is wrong, but the star rating could be more flexible depending upon the task.

In a typical entertainment game, two stars are acceptable, while three is close to perfect—which does not sit right in this example of a player saying a single word wrongly. It is less of an issue when the user is asked to speak a sentence and gets one word wrong. A stricter star rating on single words could correct this.

Teachers and parents would benefit from being able to see children's progress. They can see which activities their children have completed by looking at the main menu, but a more granular reporting facility would let them better support kids. For instance, seeing a word that kids consistently score low on would prompt adults to help their kids say it correctly. 

Speakia uses US English over British English. Whether this will be a problem depends upon which your child is learning. There aren't too many instances where the distinction matters, but the potential confusion is something parents and teachers should consider.

How much does Speakia cost?

Speakia app is free to download and helpfully includes free content at all four of the ability levels addressed by the app. This example material ensures that your kids can get a feel for what the app can do, whether they are outright beginners or have already learned some English. It makes the app well worth downloading to try out.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

You unlock the entire contents that your child will need to practise English with Speakia through the use of in-app purchases. At the time of this review of Speakia app, there are four modules to purchase individually or as a group for a discounted price. Note that these are one-off payments, not rolling subscriptions, and the amount of content included in each level presents good value.

Is Speakia safe to use?

Regarding the app's content, there are no advertisements, and all visual and audio material viewed and heard during this review of Speakia was suitable for use by kids.

Overall rating of the app.

Learning an additional language isn't easy for anyone. The growing minds of kids are best suited to it, but they are still kids with the distractions and needs that come with being a young person. Speakia provides kids with the support, encouragement, and stimulating environment that they need to excel at learning English. Speakia's innovation and effective language teaching make it a five-star app.

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