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About Speak4Me - Text to Speech

Speak4Me is an app that helps users to speak out loud and communicate effectively. 

Speak4Me - Text to Speech Review

What do we like about Speak4Me?

The app will read what you enter out loud when you finish typing it. By typing out what they want to say and having the app say it for them, someone who is non-verbal would be able to communicate. Anyone, from young children to adults, should find it quite simple to use this device. You may control how quickly the app reads and speaks what you wrote. To save time typing out common phrases, you can add them to your "favourites" list. Additionally, a wide variety of voice selections and dialects from other languages are available. This enables the voice to be more distinctive.

What skills does it improve?

Speak4Me helps every user to communicate efficiently with one another as the app read out what has been typed. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Speak4Me is appropriate for all ages. 

Is Speak4Me free?

Speak4Me can be easily downloaded on all Android and iOS devices. 

Is Speak4Me easy to use?

 The GUI is intentionally very basic to make usage quick and simple even for non-technical people. Speak4Me offers three straightforward tabs: Favourites, previously stored recordings, Text to Speech, and Settings. With a wide range of voices to choose from and a respectable number of various languages accessible, you can alter the voice's tempo and pitch.

How will users benefit?

Speak4Me functions as a tool for turning text into audio. The ability to multitask is one benefit of this application. You don't need to move about with the text when reading while making tea, coffee, or cooking; all you need to do is let Speak4me do what it was designed to do. Therefore, you should think about using this app to easily transition from writing to speaking. It gives you versatility regarding your choice of usage with fantastic features like altering the rate and pitch of the voice along with volume control and a number of voices to choose from that come in a variety of languages.

In addition, you can store them on your device for later use. There is a voice animation feature that, although not functionally adding anything, is attractive on the surface. While there isn't a built-in feature to share text-to-speech during phone calls, you can get around this by turning your phone's loudspeaker on and using the app's Listen button to play the audio for the person you're speaking to. Additionally, you can choose to download the audio locally for later use or share it on social media.

What can Speak4Me improve on?

This app's character limit of 2,000 for text exports is a possible challenge because it can be somewhat restrictive.

How much does Speak4Me cost?

Speak4Me is available free of cost. 

Final thoughts

Using Speak4Me you can vary your voice and even slow it down for someone to understand you by using one of the many available accents. For those with speech disorders, this software is essential. Speak4Me is the text-to-speech tool you need if you want the best! You can programme your phone to speak anything you want, turn your words into an audio recording, and then send it to your pals.

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