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About Speak My Mind - Smart AAC App

Speak My Mind is a revolutionary assistive communication solution for nonverbal and speech delayed children as well as adults with language and communication challenges. It provides a voice for individuals who have difficulties using their own natural voice.

Speak My Mind can be used by people with Autism, ALS, Down Syndrome, Apraxia, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, developmental delays and difficulties in language acquisition.

Speak My Mind - Smart AAC App Review

About Speak My Mind AAC

Speak My Mind AAC is an Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) application that enables quick communication for AAC users. Speak My Mind learns to predict what you want to say, helps developing language understanding, enriching vocabulary and refining grammatical skills.

What is Speak My Mind AAC?

Speak My Mind AAC contains over 6000 words including core vocabulary-words the account for 85% of everyday language (The most important feature of any AAC device). Research tells us that consistent exposure and modelling of these words are vital in language development for AAC users. Speak My Mind is a fantastic AAC aid that develops communication skills for non-verbal and minimally/pre-verbal users who have complex communication needs.

What we love about Speak My Mind AAC

As a teacher of children on the Autism Spectrum with complex communication needs, I am constantly looking for the most appropriate form of Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) to use with the children at our school. As a school we follow the ‘Total Communication’ approach which means we expose our young people to a variety of strategies when it comes to augmentative communication allowing the learner to find their most suitable approach. Speak My Mind gives us a further option in this respect that is easy to set and use. Most importantly, Speak My Mind is totally customisable allowing you to make use of the device camera for preferred and familiar visuals-very important for our young AAC users particularly on the autism spectrum. Over 6000 words are preloaded on Speak My Mind, however what I really love is the ability to create your own categories and add words allowing fantastic personalisation.

The user interface is intuitive and easy to use with the developers website also containing videos to get you up and running. Upon opening, the main interface has 3 main modes to work with 1. Predictions (Really clever word prediction feature allowing the communicator to express needs and wants quickly) 2. Favourites-Which contains a variety of quick and easy go to questions or responses including recently used phrases or words and 3. A categories section enabling you to choose from a variety of options and also add your own words. Speak My Mind is not as complex as other AAC apps and does not contain pre set core boards with each category which can be less overwhelming when a young person is trying to communicate quickly. Backup features are available within the settings in addition to voice settings-pitch and accent. Guided access within iOS also can help you with locking into the main screen should you need to.

Speak My Mind AAC is a well thought out and informed design application and should always be considered when trialling AAC with people with communication difficulties. A big thumbs up to developers, well done!

What skills does it improve?

Speak My Mind AAC develops expressive communication and language skills. Many parents have asked me over the years if hi tech AAC will replace speech for users who are pre-verbal, much research is now available to show us that this form of AAC kick starts speech for many users.

What age is it appropriate for?

I have used the app with young children on the autism spectrum, however Speak My Mind can be used with all ages including adults. The editing features allow you to personalise as much as you need to. 

How will students benefit?

Students will be able to make their needs and wants known in a more efficient way. This can also lead to lessened anxieties and in some cases dysregulated behaviour.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers will be able to hear their young person’s voice first and foremost. It is important to note, that is Speak My Mind is the young persons preferred medium of AAC, it must be available to them at all times throughout the day. Before using the app with a young person it is important that the teacher familiarises themselves with the application. Lots of modelling on the device is key and an important part of two-way communication. The communication partner is as important as the application in this respect. A good communication partner should model words from the device, take it easy at the start model 1 or 2 core words per sentence until you become comfortable. Most importantly, have fun and introduce the device and app initially at motivating times for the young person.

What can Speak My Mind AAC do to improve?

The absence of colour coding may delay progress for some users. Color coding symbols by grammatical categories or parts of speech is a well-established practice. There are two main approaches to doing this, the Modified Fitzgerald Key, and the system developed by Goossens,’ Crain, & Elder. Speak My Mind would benefit from a more formulaic approach within the app. However this does not take away from a very good application and good modelling from a communication partner can negate this.

How much does Speak My Mind AAC cost?

After your 14-day free trial, Speak My Mind is $9.99 per month.

Is Speak My Mind AAC safe to use?

Yes, the app is safe to use without any safeguarding concerns.

Overall rating of the app

Speak My Mind AAC deserves the 5 star rating gained. A wonderful app!

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