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About SPARKvue

SPARKvue is a popular data collection, visualization and analysis application for STEM learning. SPARKvue enables wireless data collection and live data sharing with anyone in the world to unleash the learning experience. With PASCO sensors, this app delivers an entire package of measuring, calculating and analysing data. Accessing and sharing information is made easy, and entire lessons can be fully integrated by using the slide presentation function. 

SPARKvue Review

SPARKvue is a highly developed interface to interact with over 70 data logger sensors that are available from PASCO. SPARKvue also makes use of the built-in microphone and accelerometer so data can be directly captured for sound intensity and acceleration without the need of any sensors.

The home screen displays the three main options – open an existing experiment, show the current data from a sensor and build your own presentation. The list of the sensors that are live and linked with the app are also displayed on the home screen along with icons to access help and system settings.

There are a number of ways of opening an existing experiment file. The file can be previous experimental work that you have saved directly to the app or it can be a file that is saved via an online storage service, for example ‘Dropbox’. This collaborative feature increases the scope of what is possible with the app through sharing files from teacher-to-student or even student-to-student.

The ‘Show’ option is a simple way to view and capture the data. There is a wide range of useful settings that can be altered to suit the specific type of sampling in an experiment. Four variations of viewing the data are available – graph, digits, table and meter, all of which will respond instantly to any live measurements. The data collected can then be processed further all within the app to aid additional analysis.

Whole lessons can be designed and presented by choosing the ‘Build’ option. The app comes with 8 experiment slide presentations already designed with images, videos, and quizzes all alongside the integrated use of the data loggers for experimental work. If you choose to start from scratch and ‘build’ your own presentation then the app provides templates that are easily edited for each slide. This is a fantastic feature that can provide context around the experimental activity together with assessment tools, a comprehensive science lesson all in one package!

The app has in-depth instructional support with simple and easy to follow guidelines for all aspects. Some other note-worthy functions include live sharing of sensor data across devices and journal entries with photographs and text for each experiment.

PASCO is a well-established educational company and is committed to provide access for all devices. This means SPARKvue is compatible across nearly all tablet brands as well as PC and Mac with near identical interfaces. So, no matter what platform it will be the same user experience. For schools with PASCO data loggers this is a must-have app and for schools considering investing in this technology there’s no need to look any further.

This educational tool has the power to transform, enhance and support learning through investigative lessons. Its potential will excite progressive teachers and engage the most unmotivated science students.

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New! SPARKvue 2.2.0 now brings live data sharing to our popular sensor-based data collection, visualization and analysis application for STEM learning. In addition to collecting data on your own Android tablet, SPARKvue now supports live sharing of sensor data with anyone else--on any other Android tablet, iPad, Mac or Windows computer.

Capture data from the world around you:
Connect any of 70+ PASCO sensors via our Bluetooth--see pH, temperature, force, carbon dioxide level and much more--all in real time!
Capture images with the integrated cameras and use SPARKvue’s image analysis capabilities
Collect and display live data using the onboard accelerometer and sound sensors

Key features:
Measure and display sensor data in real time
Display data in a graph, bar graph, analog meter, digits or table
Build custom displays--mix display types, images, videos, text and assessments
Analyze data with built-in statistical tools (min, max, mean, standard deviation, count and area)
Select from 6 different curve fits including linear and quadratic
Pinch and zoom manipulation of graphs
Capture and annotate images
Add videos, photos and GIFs
Open and perform any of the 60+ SPARKlab interactive lab activities available free online
Create and export electronic student lab journals
Integrated with cloud-based file sharing services such as Dropbox and more
Add assessments including multiple choice, drop down lists, and free text response
Live data sharing and session sharing across devices--with each student capturing the shared data on their own device for further analysis

Designed for science learning:
Convenient annotation, snapshot and electronic journaling are among the features supporting peer dialogue, classroom presentations, and assessment.
With SPARKlab interactive lab activities, teachers can blend instructional content, live data collection & analysis, reflection prompts and more, all completely within the SPARKvue environment. Use PASCO free SPARKlabs or build your own!

Common user experience across platforms:
SPARKvue is a member of PASCO’s SPARKscience family, providing the same user experience across all technology environments:
Android and iPad tablets
Mac and Windows computers
interactive whiteboards
No matter what the mix of technology is in the classroom or the school, teachers and students all share the same user experience--placing the learning experience in the forefront and simplifying classroom management.

2010 CODiE award, Best Education solution for mobile devices
2010 Worlddidac Award for excellence
2011 EdNet’s Best for 2011; a “game changer”

Where do I get sensors?
PASCO offers over 70 PASPORT Sensors, including MultiMeasure Sensors such as the Chemistry or Water Quality Sensors, measuring multiple phenomena with just one convenient sensor box. For purchasing information, see

SPARKvue supports 27 languages. Arabic
Chinese (simplified)
Chinese (traditional)
French (Canada)
French (France)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal)
Spanish (Latin America)
Spanish (Mexico)
Spanish (Spain)
See for details.

SPARKvue has an integrated help system, just a touch away with the help icon. Further assistance with SPARKvue or any PASCO product is available free from PASCO Teacher Support.

About PASCO:
PASCO scientific brings a rich history of innovation and support for science education, with 50 years of service to educators around the world.

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