Sparkabilities Babies 1 HD

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From the Developer

Includes engaging movies from the Sparkabilities "Babies 1" DVD series that are designed to entertain and develop essential learning skills. Eight sets of interactive Flash Cards correspond to movies. Parents can use flashcards with baby at younger ages or baby can use cards independently as fine motor skills develop.

The Science
Sparkabilities is based on the PlayWisely developmental system. So it is more than pretty pictures set to classical music. Sparkabilities is intended to entertain your baby and develop essential learning skills. Sparkabilities nurtures the neural pathways that support learning.

Includes both movies and interactive flashcards that can be used again and again. Use the PlayAll feature to provide continuous entertainment based on brain science (a perfect break for mom or dad). Especially designed to allow little hands to easily work with menus and flash cards.

Parent Tip
When in a movie or flash card, swipe your finger slowly from the bottom right to top left corner of the screen to get to the main menu. This hidden feature prevents little hands from exiting to the main menu by accident.

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