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SpanishDict Spanish Translator Review

SpanishDict is a Spanish Language learning app that includes lessons, reference materials, guides, and cheat sheets. It adds to its learning material with tools such as a Spanish dictionary and an artificial intelligence-driven translator. These tools are more than they sound, with many extra features to ensure those who consult them get the information they need.

SpanishDict has excellent compatibility with whatever platform you choose to use. There are downloadable apps for Android and iOS, with the latter having dedicated apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Desktop users can enjoy a similar experience using the SpanishDict web app.

The SpanishDict platform is free to use in an ad-supported tier or as a premium package which adds features and removes ads. A seven-day free trial lets you try the premium package before committing.

App Information

Device Synchronisation Device Synchronisation
Narration Narration

Suitable for ages - Ages 18 and older
Secondary School Apps (14-18 Years)

Subjects & Topics - Languages

Great for - Communication Skills

SpanishDict Spanish Translator Features

  • Comprehensive Spanish language learning materials.
  • AI-driven Spanish dictionary and translator.
  • Apps for Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, plus a web app.
  • Ad-supported free tier and premium subscription options.
  • Compatibility with Google Classroom for educational use.

How much does SpanishDict app cost?

You can use SpanishDict for free, although you must see advertisements. You can still enjoy a seven-day trial of the premium service. We recommend trying the app out using the free ad-supported tier and later subscribing to the annual plan, which offers the best value.

The premium tier doesn't just remove the ads but gives you more material, such as downloadable cheatsheets, which we found to be well-designed and likely to be often consulted.

Language learning requires long-term commitment, and adopting a long-term subscription might encourage you to keep going and save some cash.

Is it good for learning?

SpanishDict helps with learning Spanish and has tools to help with translations and communication while you are learning. The lessons go from basic first steps to advanced grammar for accomplished speakers looking to approach a native-speaker level of proficiency.

Screenshots for SpanishDict Spanish Translator

  • SpanishDict Spanish TranslatorSpanishDict Spanish TranslatorSpanishDict Spanish TranslatorSpanishDict Spanish TranslatorSpanishDict Spanish TranslatorSpanishDict Spanish TranslatorSpanishDict Spanish TranslatorSpanishDict Spanish TranslatorSpanishDict Spanish Translator


  • Extensive learning and reference resources for Spanish language.
  • Regionalism highlights for consistent learning of Latin American or European Spanish.
  • Engaging tools like quizzes, videos, and word of the day features.
  • Mobile technology allows learning anywhere, with customizable practice options.
  • Effective pronunciation guides and videos for improved speaking skills.


  • Inconsistent use of color highlighting in the conjugation section.

What is SpanishDict app?

A selling point for some language-learning apps is their multi-language content. While this opens up the apps to more users, it won't make a difference to most individuals. How many of us feel confident in learning multiple languages at once?

SpanishDict only helps those who want to learn Spanish. It is an excellent choice as one of the most popular additional languages to learn and is spoken natively worldwide. Focusing on Spanish alone, SpanishDict does one job and does it superbly.

When we say one job, we mean to support your language learning. Within this broad field, it does a lot to help you. Its features fall into two rough categories, which you'll likely need as you learn and grow in proficiency


A huge quantity of learning material is available as part of the SpanishDict platform, whether you use a premium plan or a free ad-supported tier. Videos show you how native speakers pronounce words and provide valuable listening practice.

Quizzes use a spaced repetition approach to help you practice and embed the Spanish language into your long-term memory. You can customize these quizzes to match your level and interests.


You might have guessed from this app's name that it includes a Spanish dictionary. Added to this is an artificial intelligence translator that does a great job of matching the intended meaning of a phrase rather than the literal word-for-word replacements. The translations provided by the app are accurate and show natural phrases that match the speaker's intention. 

When you access the dictionary through native apps, you can access translations and examples offline. You still have access to the same tools on the web app, but naturally, you need a data connection.

What we love about SpanishDict app.

If you've already looked into learning Spanish, you might have a specific country in mind. Latin American and European Spanish have slight differences in word usage and pronunciation, and the SpanishDict app will help you achieve consistency for the region.

Your language skills will still be applicable in the rest of the Spanish-speaking world, but learning the differences ensures you don't develop a mish-mash of vocabulary that will sound strange to a native speaker. SpanishDict highlights regionalisms so that you can learn and use them appropriately.

Once the initial flush of language-learning enthusiasm fades, many people forget to practice and their ambitions of being multilingual fade. SpanishDict uses its digital platforms well to keep you engaged. 

Word of the day is consistently interesting and often prompts some further reading of related words or how to use the daily word in a sentence. This feature is great on the Apple Watch as it is convenient to glance at and learn anytime.

SpanishDict also uses gamification techniques to keep learners motivated. Once learners have built up a substantial practice streak, they will be reluctant to break their run.

Benefits for Students

SpanishDict addresses the fundamental difficulties facing Spanish-language learners. The thorough and clear conjugation section provides an excellent example of this. Learning and remembering verb conjugations, including those which are an exception to the normal rules, is supported with guides, tools and videos. Together they provide information, practice, and motivation to overcome difficult areas of learning.

Mobile technology lets students practice anywhere but not every language learning activity suits every scenario. If students are somewhere they can't play sounds or need to remain aware of their surroundings, they can disable listening activities and carry on practising more suitable skills.

Benefits for Teachers

SpanishDict isn't only available for independent learners. It has tools for teacher to assign lessons, track progress, and present tailored learning. Teachers can use it in support of whole courses. Teachers already using Google Classroom can easily link it with SpanishDict.

The material included for learners is also helpful for teachers to support their face-to-face lessons. The pronunciation section is a good example.

Language learners can struggle to remember the correct pronunciation of words; if they adopt the wrong one, it can be a hard habit to break. Unlike English, Spanish doesn't have many exceptions to its pronunciations, so students can learn the rules for how they should say new words.

SpanishDict has a superb pronunciation guide that teachers can use to ensure their students develop excellent speaking skills. It shows them how to say each word and sound but also explains the rules behind the pronunciations so that students can extend what they have learned to future terms.

Those language teachers whose accents might impact their pronunciation will find this a useful tool to help kids hear the sounds as they should be pronounced. Accompanying videos showing how native speakers move their mouths to form the words offer further helpful support.

Benefits for Parents

SpanishDict is a full package that could replace multiple other tools and improve on each one. Some of those tools might be free, such as online translators, but SpanishDict will do a better job, and as the translator accompanies the main learning content, there's no extra cost.

The ads that support the free trial are not intrusive but ensure that kids can take as long as necessary to decide if they will stick with the learning before parents begin to pay for the app. Competing apps might have a free seven-day trial, but this is only useful to see if the app is suitable, not whether learners will persevere with the endeavour.

Download SpanishDict Spanish Translator

You can download SpanishDict Spanish Translator on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the SpanishDict Spanish Translator app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SpanishDict app safe to use?

The free tier of the app displays third-party apps served via an advertising network. The app's privacy policy allows user tracking to select the advertisements it shows in the free tier. During this review of SpanishDict, the advertisements were all family-friendly, but multiple factors can influence the type of ads you might see.

What age is it appropriate for?

SpanishDict's privacy policy indicates that it is not to be used by kids under the age of thirteen.

SpanishDict has been designed for a general audience. There is nothing inappropriate in the app for high school/secondary aged kids, but they are not exclusively catered for in the app.

Is SpanishDict app easy to use?

SpanishDict is very easy to access. New users create an account using Facebook, Apple, or email. As the default account is free with ads, you don't need to input any payment details. Once you have an account, finding your way around the learning and reference material is easy whether you use native or web apps. There are differences, but these are to ensure they suit each device's form factor rather than distinguish them in features.

Our reviewer's recommendation

SpanishDict's focus on a single language has paid off in a cohesive and effective learning platform for Spanish-language learners who want an app to support their learning. Its lessons and quizzes were interesting and attractive. Its dictionary and translator were effective and fast.

With a free ad-supported tier and a seven-day trial of the premium tier, SpanishDict has one of the most flexible user appraisal systems of any app. We encourage every prospective Spanish speaker to visit the web app or download the app today.

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