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Good app to practice reading, writing and comprehension skills. It gets an EAS certification of 4 stars.

Spanish in Context Review

Spanish in context: Language learning with texts and conversation is a good app for those who already have a good base of Spanish and wish to practice their reading, writing and comprehension skills. It would be too difficult for those who are just beginners in the language. 

The app offers a real-life audio conversation and an information article for free, which is just a taste of other 18 more conversations and audio articles that can be bought through in app purchases. These in app purchases are Spain Travel Text (£6.99/$9.99) with 9 conversations and articles, and Daily Life in Colombia (£5.99/$8.99) with 9 more conversations. These go from visiting cities, to going to the supermarket, talking about geography and climate, going out partying, going to the restaurant,  buying furniture, being at the bank and many more real-life situations which are read by native Latin-Americans, so you can get used to the real accents from South America. 

Furthermore, important phrases and words in every conversation and article are highlighted so if you are not sure of the meaning, you can just click on them and will give you the translation. Each conversation and article has a set of exercises, so you can spend hours practising and getting your Spanish better. The exercises are divided into Quizzes and Speak and Compare. The Quizzes category has three options: verbs, nouns and others and under each of them you can chose  a Study List and then you can practice what you have studied by choosing Word Puzzles, Multiple Choice Quiz,  or Write In Test. All of those are very useful exercises as you have a variety of options to learn and test yourself in a fun and entertaining way, but it would be helpful if the Write In test provided a context to give you a better idea of what the right answer could be. The Speak and Compare exercise is a great idea and the best way to compare your pronunciation to native speakers.  It would be even better if it also provided the phonetic pronunciation to be able to improve faster. 

This app will show you how phrases and words are used in context of real life situations and stories. If you are able to understand and do the exercises provided, that means that you are fluent in Spanish. Well done!


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