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SPaG: Key Stage 1 - nimbl

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SPaG: Key Stage 1 - nimbl app covers phonics, spelling, punctuation and grammar at a level suitable for Key Stage 1 children.  Users of the app are taught new concepts, given the opportunity to practise and can make notes that are saved for later reference. 

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  • SPaG: Key Stage 1 - nimblSPaG: Key Stage 1 - nimblSPaG: Key Stage 1 - nimblSPaG: Key Stage 1 - nimblSPaG: Key Stage 1 - nimbl


Written by headteacher and best-selling writer Ali Dakin, SPaG is ideal for introducing your child to phonics as well as key spelling, punctuation and grammar concepts. SPaG covers levels 1-3 and includes lessons and quizzes for each topic, as well as over 300 audio spelling questions and over 180 activities. Beautiful picture flashcards help improve vocabulary and engagement, as well as enjoyment for learning.

SPaG: Key Stage 1 uses nimbl technology to save your child's notes, pagemarks, activity answers and quiz scores. Once you've downloaded the app, you can access all content including audio offline, giving your child the freedom to learn on the go, any time, anywhere.

If you have login details from your school, download the nimbl library application instead.

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