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Practice Your Times Tables

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About Space Pig Math

Space Pig Math is an action game for practicing the times tables - up to 12x12 - with retro-inspired visuals and sounds.  The purpose of the game is to laser the aliens to save Space Pig's Friends - and they will provide you with help on the progress through the game.

The game rewards correct, consecutive, and quick answers.  It is easy and accessible for the novice, but it can become increasingly difficult.

Space Pig Math Review

Downloading the game is relatively straightforward and takes up a modest 59 MB of your disk space. The game launches with a typical black background and blocky, pixelated letters and graphics, reminiscent of the classically famous Space Invaders. The background music is also familiar if you have spent any time in Arcade Games shops at the sea front, so my children inform me!

When a user has been set up, which is permanently stored, the welcome screen, once again retro, is typical with a blocky font appearing on the screen. The user is drawn into the narrative of the story carefully and cleverly so that they empathise with the Space Pig, then they are sold on the idea that maths is easy. As the narrator points out maths 'It's just adding... over and over' which is a smart way of putting it. The narrator then explains through the help of the word 'groups' that multiplication is adding of blocks and this is demonstrated graphically and simply. The narrator then substitutes 'groups' to the correct 'x' notation. Helping the user visualise multiplication the developer introduces the concept of filling the squares in a grid by touching them and then the user can 'blast' them away using the laser. As in all good maths tuition these squares are built up gradually into a matrix grid that is notated at the side with the multiplication equivalents.

The first level is introduced after the painless, practical walk through. The review stage is simply a repeat of the introduction, but this becomes a little bit more tense in anticipation of the real game, with tokens being added for each correct blast. When this review is complete the user then goes onto the cleverly named 'puzzle', which suggests the game element. This puzzle is familiar in concept and requires the user to answer the correct answer and choose a square that is in a line across a grid. Once achieved extra tokens or food is tallied up depending on speed and accuracy.

As a welcome break to all the frenetic cognitive activity the user has a chance just to blast as many objects as possible without being too taxed. The instructions are: if anything moves: Shoot it! At the end of two waves of aliens the user is given a read out of the scores and ranked.

The next stage for the user is the 'Challenge' where all the skills are put together. The aliens have to be blasted but they have to be the correct answer for the times table question. The challenge is staged in waves and the reliance on accuracy and speed guides the user higher up the reward stakes. As the waves flow then each of the Space Pig friends are revealed.

Overall this is a great game and slightly addictive but in a useful way. My grandchildren enjoyed it and they are the best judges of games. I would certainly use it in a classroom setting and the metrics could be shared within the class if required to add a bit of competition. At home this could also amuse a number of children who may find a spare moment between other computer games!

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Gregory Mayer

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