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Space by Tinybop

  • iPad, iPhone
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  • age 7+

About Space by Tinybop

Space by Tinybop allows kids to be virtual space explorers.

Teacher Review

Space by Tinybop is a visually multilayered interactive app that helps kids learn about our solar system through play. Kids can explore each planet, our moon, and the sun, comparing them by size, weight, and many other unique features, such as windstorms, volcanoes, and rocky rings. 

Kids tap on a rocket to blast into space and then move around the planets to compare their size; they can also see how they rotate around the sun to compare the length of each planet's year. As students explore, they can figure out the phases of the moon by tracing its orbit or zoom in on a planet to interact with the surface.

Students explore the planets and moons in our solar system using their spacecraft and a set of tools. These tools are everyday objects -- such as a snowman -- that kids can drag onto a planet to see if it melts, learning general information about the temperature of the planet; they also can throw rocks to see if a planet has an atmosphere. Descriptive labels about the features of a planet can be turned on or off as needed. 
Kids can learn facts about our solar system, including the names of planets and moons, as well as simple and complex space-related vocabulary ("sunspot," "partially molten mantle," "hydrogen and helium gas," "slushy sea") in multiple languages. Educational value increases for kids who can read or have the labels read to them.
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Travel into space to visit 8 planets and the sun. Hurl meteorites through the atmosphere. Search for water on Mars with Curiosity. Zoom onto the surface of the sun. Discover diamonds inside of Neptune.

Space is No. 8 in Tinybop’s award-winning educational series, The Explorer’s Library. Each app is an interactive model that lets kids explore the invisible and awesome wonders of our world. Kids develop STEM skills and science literacy. In Space, kids play and learn about our solar system, compare and contrast the characteristics of each planet, observe the phases of the moon, and more.


  • Visit 8 planets and the sun!
  •  Study the surface of each planet and the sun up close.
  •  Discover the characteristics of each planet with a helpful snowman.
  •  Throw meteorites at each planet to test their atmospheres and gravity.
  •  See how big and massive each planet and the sun are by comparing them side-by-side.
  •  Play with and observe each planet’s orbit around the sun.
  •  Follow the moon’s orbit to discover the phases of the moon.
  •  See how quickly or slowly each planet spins on its axis and how long each day is.
  •  Peek inside each planet’s rocky crust or gassy outer layer.
  •  Move the Earth’s axis to see how it affects seasons.
  •  Explore Mars’ rocky surface with NASA’s Curiosity.
  •  Experience wild weather and more on Venus.
  •  Find out why Mercury has so many craters.
  •  See what Saturn’s rings are made of and make them spin.
  •  Discover diamonds on Neptune and Uranus.
  •  Interactive text labels in 50
  •  FREE Space Handbook has technology tips and info for teachers and parents.
  •  Original artwork by Jessie Satler.
  •  Original sound design.
  •  Open-ended activities with no rules. Curiosity and creativity are rewarded.
  •  Multi-user system.
  •  Fun for the whole family. Play and learn together!

FREE handbook
Our expert-reviewed handbook is full of facts, interaction hints, and discussion questions to support learning in this app, in the classroom or at home. 

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