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About SoundLiteracy

Sound Literacy is the first iPad app that brings your letter tiles in to the 21st Century. It is NOW being used in 19 countries across the globe and growing quickly! Spread the word and integrate Sound Literacy into your curriculum.

***Named one of the 12 Best Apps for Special Needs of 2012 by Teachers with Apps***

**A portion of all proceeds benefit the International Dyslexia Association.**

The tiles of Sound Literacy do not create audible sounds, but do represent the spellings of the English phonemes.

If you use an Orton-Gillingham influenced program, this app will make perfect sense! If you are a parent that wants to reinforce the phonics principles that your child is being taught in school this app will help.

Created by teachers for teachers, Sound Literacy was intentionally designed with open-ended possibilities and maximum flexibility. The particular methodology, approach, specific language for spelling rules, and the sequence of presenting the knowledge is  left up to the teacher and determined by the needs of the student(s).

Unlike individualized computer software instruction, Sound Literacy is intended to facilitate interaction between a teacher and student(s). An instructor is needed to demonstrate concepts and skills as well as guide practice sessions with student(s).  Sound Literacy can be used in conjunction with any curriculum that emphasizes phonemic awareness, phonological processing, systematic phonetic instruction, or word building with 'meaningful word parts'.

Sound Literacy features:

• Blank tiles for counting, ordering, and manipulating the phonemes within words

• Tiles organized in pantries and ready to be pulled onto the workspace for spelling words

• A workspace for ‘tapping’ and creating boxes for the tiles to be placed in

• Six specially designed ladders for building and comparing phonemes

• Unique phonetically ordered consonant and vowel phoneme maps

• Popovers on the sound maps that indicate various ways to spell each phoneme; spellings are ordered from the most common to the least common

• Included on the popovers, are the origins of some spellings which help to categorize and make sense of a seemingly irregular spelling system

Visit our website for more information and ongoing discussions on how to improve Sound Literacy.

Have fun studying words!

**Please note that at this time Sound Literacy does not include the phoneme sounds on the Sound Maps. We are working to put this in place.**
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