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About Somona

The application Somona teaches English pronunciation. It is aimed at those whose first language is not English and wish to improve their vocabulary and pronunciation in a fun and unique way. This application is free from in-app adverts and does not require a constant Wi-Fi connection. The application requires the user to purchase lesson content.

‘Somona’ was designed by Marcus Nealy, programmed by Peter Jacobs and directed and owned by Naomi Nealy.

Somona Review

As soon as the user opens the application you can see that this app has high quality feel. We love the simple, unique graphics and intuitive, friendly feel of the layout. The application works on both mobile and tablet devices in a portrait format. Funky music can be played via the icon in the top right.

The Home Screen has a number of icons displayed at the bottom. These are quite hard to read on a mobile device but are as follows:

‘About’ – This explains the concept of the application. The language can be switched between Japanese and English in the top right. According to the application some 20 years’ experience has gone into developing the applications teaching methods. 

‘Goals’ – Somona is a 14-week course that has been designed to teach the following, pronunciation, rhythm and intonation (the rise and fall of the voice when speaking).

‘Study Style’ – This explains the concept behind the studying techniques. Shadowing – repeating exactly what you hear, same rhythm, same intonation and same pronunciation. 

‘Video review’ – Enabling the user to study at their own pace by stopping and starting the videos.

‘Repetition’ – The ability to go back and review a completed section to strengthen your muscle memory.

‘Relaxing’ – Practicing via a mobile device in the privacy of your own home, on the move, stress free and relaxed.

It is very clear that the developers have thought very carefully about the learning styles for this application. We simply love the concept and the way in which it has been executed.

The ‘How to study’ guide is a video presented by Marcellus Nealy a Cleveland Born Tokyo based Photographer, narrator and a University Associate Professor of English. The videos are easy to understand, clear and visually stunning. This in-depth video explains the concept behind the study skills and how best to use them. Each weekly lesson is approximately 30 minutes long and varies in content including sub titles in both English and Japanese. Each lesson has an introduction, the focus sounds of the week including words, mouth movement and intonation, scales, word rhythm and much more. The content of these videos are truly wonderful, full of variety and a great way to learn. 

The lessons can be found in the ‘Lesson book’ icon. Each video gives a breakdown of the lesson content at the beginning. Week one lesson includes: This week’s focus, making sounds, music room, word practice, rhythm practice, a quiz and study tips.

We found the lessons very enjoyable, fun, entertaining as well as educational. There are many pronunciation applications on the market and this is one of the best. The applications layout, learning styles and video content are exceptional. The application ‘Somona’ comes highly recommended by The

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