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About Solar System Scope

Solar System Scope is a visually-impressive app about the objects that exist within our solar system.  It is available on iOS and Android mobile devices and can be downloaded to a PC.  A version is also available as a web-app.

The app is suitable for children of all ages who are interested in space.  If this Solar System Scope app review whets your appetite, you can assess it for yourself using a free version before upgrading to remove advertisements and to unlock the extra detail of high-resolution imagery.

Teacher Review

What is Solar System Scope app?

On a mobile device, Solar System Scope app is like having a virtual planetarium in your pocket. As you'll see in this Solar System Scope app review, kids can use it to explore and learn about the solar system with ease. 

What we love about Solar System Scope app?

This app looks gorgeous. The planets look realistic and the detail of their surfaces is excellent. There are extra touches that really bring the scale and beauty of the solar system to life such as lens flares and a very thematic user interface. 

While the app gives a great visual representation of the solar system, it isn't just about looking good. Solar System Scope also provides the user with plenty of facts and figures to learn from and compare. 

What skills does it improve?

Solar System Scope app's encyclopedia sections include relevant and interesting statistics and extra information about each of the solar system bodies. 

The app is great for just browsing as well as finding specific information and it will encourage children to do some independent learning about space. 

What age is it appropriate for?

This app's content is appropriate for all children and the use of the app is easy enough for young children to navigate. Younger children may not have the numeracy or literacy skills to appreciate fully the facts and information presented by the app but they will be able to enjoy exploring the visual aspects of it. 

Is Solar System Scope easy to use?

It will only take most users a few minutes to familiarise themselves with the app. Its user interface is consistent, logical, and clear. 

How will students benefit?

Solar System Scope app is great to just browse through. Children will enjoy being able to learn about space using the exploration-based interface of this app rather than the more static format of a book. 

How will teachers benefit?

Displayed on a large screen, Solar System Scope will not only look impressive but will be a very useful tool for teachers to use during explanations. It is more flexible than a fixed-format presentation and almost as easy to manipulate and use. 

How will parents benefit?

Solar System Scope is a useful reference aid for the home. As well as the more well-known solar-system bodies, it is often updated to include newly identified bodies such as comets. 

What Solar System Scope can improve on?

Solar System Scope does exactly what it sets out to do: it provides an explorable and informative model of the solar system. Any improvements that could be made should be considered nice-to-haves rather than criticisms of their absence. Younger users of the app might wish for the Solar System Scope app to have narration for its information pages as these users could find some of the longer words in the app a challenge. More generally, the app restricts itself to natural objects in the solar system. It would be nice to see some of the human-made satellites and probes covered as they have made so much of the imagery included in the app possible. 

How much does Solar System Scope app cost?

There is a free version of Solar System Scope available on Android and iOS as well as a browser-based version that can be used on all devices. These are all fully-featured and fun and educational to explore. 

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

On mobile devices, there is an in-app purchase that removes the advertisements and unlocks high-definition textures that depict the planets. The app is greatly improved without the distraction of the advertisements. While the app looks great at standard definition, the extra detail of high resolution really makes the app stand out. 

A downloadable version of the app for Windows PCs can be purchased through the app's web page, This is also free of ads and contains higher quality textures 

Is Solar System Scope app safe to use?

The app does not ask for personal data and has no communication functionality. 

Overall rating of the app

Solar System Scope is a superb app for those interested in space and might well provoke such an interest in those who do not already have it. A lot of care has been taken to ensure it looks great and contains useful reference material. Test out the free version and then upgrade it for the very best experience. Solar System Scope app has been awarded 5 stars.

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  • Solar System ScopeSolar System ScopeSolar System ScopeSolar System ScopeSolar System ScopeSolar System ScopeSolar System ScopeSolar System ScopeSolar System Scope


Solar System Scope is a fun way of Exploring, Discovering and Playing with the Solar System and Outer Space.

Solar System Scope (or just Solar) contains many views and celestial simulations, but most of all - it brings you closer to the furthest reaches of our world and lets you experience lots of fantastic space sceneries.

It aspires to be the most illustrative, easy to understand and simple to use space model.

- 3D Encyclopedia
In Solar’s unique encyclopedia you will find the most interesting facts about every planet, dwarf planet, every major moon and more – and everything is accompanied by realistic 3D visualizations.
Solar’s encyclopedia is available in 10 languages: English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Korean and Slovak. More languages are coming soon!

- Nightsky Observatory
Enjoy Stars and constellation of the night sky as viewed from any given location on Earth. You can point your device at the sky to see all objects in their proper place, but you can also simulate Night sky in the past or in the future.
Now with advanced options that let you simulate ecliptic, equatorial and azimuthal line, or grid (among other things).

- Scientific Instrument
Solar System Scope calculations are based on up-to-date orbital parameters published by NASA and let you simulate celestial positions at any given time.

- For Everyone
Solar System Scope is well suited for all audiences and ages: It is enjoyed by space enthusiasts, teachers, scientists, but Solar is successfully used even by children of 4+ years of age!

- Unique Maps
We are proud to present a very unique set of planetary and moon maps, that let you experience a true-color space as never before.
These accurate maps are based on NASA elevation and imagery data. Colors and shades of the textures are tuned according to true-color photos made by Messenger, Viking, Cassini and New Horizon spacecrafts, and the Hubble Space Telescope.
Basic resolution of these maps is for free – but if you would like the best experience, you can check out the highest quality, which is available with In-App purchase.

- Join our vision
Our vision is to build the ultimate space model and bring you the deepest space experience.
And you can help - try Solar System Scope and if you like it, spread the word!

And don’t forget to join the community and vote for new features on our homepage.

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