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About Soft Kids: For kids success

Soft Kids helps children aged six to eight develop their social and behavioural skills to become well-rounded individuals who can co-operate, learn, and positively contribute in any situation.  Videos, games, quizzes and tools lead children through the different soft skills.

New users of Soft Kids can access all content for free during a seven-day trial before beginning a subscription. The Soft Kids app supports both iOS and Android devices. 

Soft Kids: For kids success Review

What is Soft Kids app?

As important as hard skills (academic subjects like mathematics and English) are, we all rely on many other skills in our day-to-day lives. Yet, we leave kids to build these skills through passive observation and, when they behave inappropriately, active correction.  

Soft Kids highlights behavioural and social skills and prompts kids to think about them and develop them. It adds practical tools to these programmes, which encourage relaxation, organisation and more.  

What we love about Soft Kids.

Soft Kids provides a lot of content in each of its programmes, and it is superbly produced. As the app deals with negative consequences of poor behaviour and the like, it mustn't be too cartoony, but it must also remain attractive to young kids. Soft Kids strikes the perfect balance here.

Seeing such an expansive and well-made app that addresses educational topics other than the main academic subjects is something we appreciate. Rather than expanding choice in well-populated categories, Soft Kids sets a high standard in a poorly served educational niche.

The games in the app are quite simple but build well on its learning objectives, and they should help keep kids engaged in the app's content.

It will vary from child to child which of them is most useful, but the included tools add additional value. The one that promotes breathing exercises might help kids who get easily overwrought, while the relaxation tool might calm the overexcitable, but there are quite a few others.

Challenges to make or do things and scoring activities to track things like compliments given encourage kids to interact with others and do things away from their devices. These are highly appropriate for its learning objectives, and it is always good to see apps confident enough in their content to encourage kids to step away from screens for a while.

An often neglected part of apps is their web-based support, and Soft Kids does well here with some helpful articles on the site and some related, printable resources that you can download.

What skills does it improve?

Soft Kids addresses soft skills, covering self-confidence, politeness, good manners, and perseverance within its programmes, with more to come in future expansions.

What age is it appropriate for?

Soft Kids is designed for kids between the ages of six and eight, and its content meets this aim well.

Is Soft Kids easy to use?

Navigation is straightforward, with different sections of the app selected from icons at the bottom while each section's contents are shown on the main screen. The videos play within a standard-style player. Although this has a scrubber, suggesting the player can advance or go back, it does not allow interactions which can be a little frustrating.

How will students benefit?

Social skills, self-confidence, and motivation are three things any future university, college, or employer will hope for in their applicants. Academic qualifications will always be essential, but these will need updating and reapplying in a rapidly changing world. Soft skills will aid this continual self-improvement and are desirable in their own right, which will lead to more opportunities and happier lives for those who have developed theirs.

How will teachers benefit?

Soft Kids could easily find a place in the classroom, even if only on the teacher's device mirrored to a class display. Its videos provide fantastic thinking points, while its quizzes offer an excellent opportunity for student-led discussions.

How will parents benefit?

Schools can't do everything for kids and in their packed timetables, soft skills, such as those covered by this app, often fall by the wayside. Soft Kids gives parents the chance to round out their kids' education in a way that won't feel like a repetition of school-based learning.

The useful parental section of the app helps parents stay informed about what their kids are learning and how much they have used the app. A nice touch is that kids can select rewards that parents can approve. Custom rewards are possible, but the built-in ones like a one-to-one activity with parents fit well with the app's purposes and could encourage some fun parent-child interactions.

What can Soft Kids improve on?

The videos, thought prompts, and quizzes in Smart Kids use text to relay information and instructions. While there is never too much text on the screen at a time, there is still a lot to read. As the app uses videos, it is a pity that they don't also include a voiceover for kids with literacy difficulties which aren't uncommon in kids at the app's targeted ages.

The most frustrating thing about Soft Kids is that the app can't decide whether it wants you to use it in portrait or landscape mode. Navigation through the app is locked to portrait mode, but when you select a video or activity, it switches to landscape mode. Often the dialogue prompt remains in one orientation while the subsequent activity loads in the other.

The app is still usable and, perhaps some people may not mind, but modern apps should ideally work in any orientation but if not, stay in one.

There is the occasional awkward translation, although this is not prevalent in the app and certainly does not impact its value. For example, the section on motivation called 'Learn How to Make Things Done' should switch 'Make' for 'Get'.

How much does Soft Kids cost?

Soft Kids app is a free download that makes all of its content available through a free trial of seven days for the monthly and quarterly plans and a fourteen-day trial for the annual plan.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

Three programmes are available at the time of this review of Soft Kids, with more to follow. Three subscription plans are available: monthly, quarterly, and annual (Family, Family Plus, and Super Family).

You can also buy access to single programmes through in-app purchases.

Is Soft Kids safe to use?

All of the content seen in this review was suitable for young kids, and the app did not contain any advertisements.

The parental section of the app is behind a parental lock which asks kids to enter a number from a keypad. It isn't especially robust, but the tools accessible behind it are not ones that place kids at risk, with most being app admin and settings. However, one option uses other apps to share details about the Soft Kids app with contacts.

Some of the challenges in the app ask kids to send a picture of themselves doing the activity. This action prompts the device to ask for access to its camera roll. While this is not any form of social media, you may wish to ensure that your kids check with you before sending any pictures.

If you wish to check the app's privacy policy, its app store page links to the policy's default language of French, but you can use the options to select English.

Overall rating of the app.

Soft Kids addresses learning objectives not met by many other apps, and its content is excellent. Aside from a few minor quirks, the app is well made and, with the promised new content, it is clear that the app is under active development, so we can expect it to iron out these minor problems in time.

You may not have considered the importance of Soft Skills before, but they are essential, and the app's website makes the case very well, so it is worth a read. Combine learning about the importance of soft skills with a free trial of the Soft Kids app to get the full picture.

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