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Socrative Student

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Teacher Overview

This app offers an interactive environment for students and teacher to share their learning. Socrative is easy-to-use and fun to implement. Teachers can ask questions, conduct polls, and conduct assessments with real-time data displaying during the session. Gauging student understanding and ideas has never been so easy!
Teachers begin by setting up their classroom and receiving a room number. Students can then use their devices to enter the room and interact. Predesigned questions can be open for students, or the teacher can ask questions and conduct polls right on the spot. The variety of questions include true/false, multiple choice, short answer, and more. Graphs displaying student answers will be generated for the teacher during the session, and results can be emailed afterwards.
This takes the routine process of assessment and makes it more engaging for students. Showing comprehension of their reading can occur straight through their handheld device, and they are able to receive feedback quickly. Students will love the workflow with this app.

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Cognitive Development
Engagement and Usability

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  • Socrative StudentSocrative StudentSocrative StudentSocrative StudentSocrative Student

Publisher's Description


  • Play educational games with the whole class on your laptop/ iPhone / Android / iPod Touch
  • Your teacher runs the game from his laptop and the results show up on the main screen
  • Give the speaker feedback on how well you understand the material


  • Multiple Choice
  • Short Answer Questions
  • Space Race
  • Exit Tickets
  • Quick Quiz
  • Import Questions
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