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About Socrative Student

This app offers an interactive environment for students and teacher to share their learning. Socrative is easy-to-use and fun to implement. Teachers can ask questions, conduct polls, and conduct assessments with real-time data displaying during the session. Gauging student understanding and ideas has never been so easy!

Teachers begin by setting up their classroom and receiving a room number. Students can then use their devices to enter the room and interact. Predesigned questions can be open for students, or the teacher can ask questions and conduct polls right on the spot. The variety of questions include true/false, multiple choice, short answer, and more. Graphs displaying student answers will be generated for the teacher during the session, and results can be emailed afterwards.

This takes the routine process of assessment and makes it more engaging for students. Showing comprehension of their reading can occur straight through their handheld device, and they are able to receive feedback quickly. Students will love the workflow with this app.

Teacher Review

The Socrative platform for students and teachers can be accessed on virtually all modern devices including apps on iOS and Android and the fully-featured Socrative website: provides formative assessment tools with real-time feedback that can be easily employed across a range of topics and subjects.

All of the supporting apps are free to download.  The features of Socrative are unlocked through a yearly subscription based on the number of teachers, not students.  The app can be used with students of all ages.  

Check out the following Socrative review to find out the answer to 'What is Socrative learning?' and how its website and apps can help you and your students.

Socrative is a quick and easy way for teachers to check students' understanding at the start of, during, and at the end of lessons. With Socrative, teachers can set quizzes and see students' results appear as the answers are entered. 

The quizzes can be created from scratch or based upon one of the many existing ones available. Socrative provides an additional, useful assessment tool for teachers, but without adding any administrative burden.

What skills does it improve?

Socrative can be used to provide formative assessment for any age group that can use the app or website and it is totally subject independent. 

Teachers are not bypassed by the app. They decide what goes into the formative assessment - Socrative just makes setting, administering, and analysing the assessment into a much easier and responsive process than it would be without the apps and website. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Younger children might not have developed the reading skills to engage fully with Socrative. Assuming children have basic reading skills and knowledge of app use, the app is suitable for all ages.

Is Socrative easy to use?

The Socrative apps and the Socrative website all have a clear, age-neutral look to them and their functions and tools are intuitive and simple. 

How will students benefit?

Socrative enables a genuine two-way feedback process between teacher and student. For example, teachers can set quizzes, students complete them, and then teachers can push personalised reports, based on the results, back to students. 

All students want to know how well they have done in quizzes and they are best able to put the results to good use when they receive them as soon as possible after having taken the quiz, so this immediacy is great. 

Socrative lets students work as teams on quizzes too, enabling simple and supportive collaborative learning to occur. 

What Socrative can improve on?

Socrative's website provides a comprehensive help section and blog. There is a huge amount of assistance and ideas to be gleaned from this but, perhaps as a result of its size, there are a few dead links which can be frustrating to encounter when they appear to have just the answer for which you were searching.

How much does Socrative cost?

It does not matter how many classes or children you administer with the tools on the Socrative Website or using the Socrative Teacher App, it is completely free for students to use whether they use the Socrative Student App or

What is included with the free version vs. paid

There is a permanently free tier of subscription for teachers to access. For most, this will likely not offer enough access to be useful but it is an excellent way to investigate whether it will meet your needs. 

There is a single subscription model called Socrative Pro to fully unlock the features of the platform for teachers. Schools can take advantage of volume purchasing to lower the costs. 

Is Socrative safe to use?

Teachers are fully responsible for setting up Socrative for their students. The passage of information is between teacher and student.

Socrative can be used by children on school-owned devices or their own. If schools choose to let children use their own devices, they will need to define policies to ensure that the devices are used appropriately and their requirement does not leave any students behind or at a disadvantage. 

Overall rating of the app

Receiving feedback of the immediacy and clarity made possible by the Socrative website and accompanying apps might once have been thought impossible. earns its 5 stars by making formative assessment simple to administer and easy to interpret.


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Android, iPad, iPhone




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  • Play educational games with the whole class on your laptop/ iPhone / Android / iPod Touch
  • Your teacher runs the game from his laptop and the results show up on the main screen
  • Give the speaker feedback on how well you understand the material


  • Multiple Choice
  • Short Answer Questions
  • Space Race
  • Exit Tickets
  • Quick Quiz
  • Import Questions
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