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Smudge Numbers and Grids

About Smudge Numbers and Grids

Already proven in the classroom to learn:

• Developing Geographical Skills
• Developing Mathematical Reasoning
• Use everyday words to describe position
• Describe the position of objects and direction
• Follow and give instructions using position, direction and movement
• Use four compass points to describe movement about a grid
• Primer for spreadsheet work in later life

Numbers and Grids will help children to learn about grids/tables and co-ordinates. It is a key skill for children to know, and one that isn't covered by many apps. Children will use co-ordinates in graphs and charts, in mathematics, and they are also used in geography and maps, on GPS devices and of course in IT when using spreadsheets. Co-ordinates are a very important mathematical skill for young children to have, and to build on as they grow, and that is why the topic is part of the curricular used in schools.

The app features four bright, colourful interactive activities animated by Smudge the puppy, to introduce the use of co-ordinates, Numbers and Grids, using points of the compass to children aged 5 years and above:

It starts with Move Smudge, where children need to read the directions and direct Smudge the puppy, to her bone. In Identifying Locations, children are prompted to type in the grid position of geographical items on a grid, and in Place Objects, objects need to be dragged and placed at locations on the grid. Finally in Compass Directions, the objects are placed on the grid, and children will be prompted to enter the names of the objects at the different locations.

Numbers and Grids is designed so that every time an activity is used, the objects are completely mixed up, so it isn't predictable, and it can be tailored with three levels for different ages or abilities. Answers are recorded, to track progress and the software always encourages positive feedback and ecouragement throughout its use.

Numbers and Grids is designed for use both at home and in schools; joining Magmentis' growing range of apps, which includes the popular titles Writing Numbers and Fill the Gap. The team at Magmentis have many years experience in producing educational software for use in schools and at home.and have been producing apps since 2010.

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  • Smudge Numbers and GridsSmudge Numbers and GridsSmudge Numbers and GridsSmudge Numbers and GridsSmudge Numbers and Grids