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Smudge Compass and Direction

About Smudge Compass and Direction

Smudge Compass and direction is a simple app and one of the few apps that teach students compass points and directions.

The app is well presented and has simple functions and instructions. There are two modes of play: Enabling students to move Smudge to a given compass and asking where Cecily has gone from. Both modes of play have basic compass points and advanced compass points to create 3 levels of differentiation. Each time the players score can be recorded and retained.

Although this is a simple app it really does but across the teaching of compass points and directions in a fun and informative way. Sometimes simple is best. 

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Help Smudge the Puppy and her friend Cecily the Cat to find their way!

Smudge Compass and Direction is the first in a series of apps introducing early geography skills to children aged 4 years and above.

Geography is a key skill for children: Maps are regularly used to direct us to places locally, and for understanding where places are in the wider world. Having a feel for where things are located will help children to take an interest in local events and in events outside of their own area, such as items on the news, and so becomes a starting point for citizenship.

Smudge Compass and Direction consists of progressive steps introducing the points of the compass.

What your child will learn:

The main four points of the compass (north, east, south and west) and for older or more able children to know and understand the main eight points of the compass (including north east, south east, south west, north west).

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