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About Smoovie Stop Motion - Animation

Smoovie Stop Motion is a unique application that is a professional, innovative animation platform to be used by classrooms, families and animators around the world. The app brings stop motion animation to a range of ages with an intuitive user interface, simple software and in-app teacher resources. The platform includes instant playback, audio and video, onion skinning, scenes, film strips and much more. The app comes with no in-app purchases or adverts.

Smoovie Stop Motion - Animation Review

Before modern mobile devices emerged, stop motion animation was not an easy thing to incorporate into lessons.  A few intrepid art teachers might have used it but other teachers could not spare their subject time to use it in their lessons.  Now, with cameras, storage, and Smoovie's user-friendly interface all wrapped up in a single device, teachers of all subjects can employ it to enrich the learning that takes place within their classroom..  

Of course, making it possible isn't all that there is to do.  Teachers need to be inspired and supported to make use of it.  Stop motion is a new possibility so how can it be used?  Fortunately, Smoovie includes a very useful set of resources that outlines different styles of animations and how different subjects could use them. 

Teachers who feel that they should make more use of their school's digital resources but don't know how can make a great start with this app.   There's an example movie ready to inspire new users when they first open the app.  It will take just a few minutes to learn how to use Smoovie and feel confident enough to bring it into your lessons.  Producing clever animations will take longer but you and your classes can learn this together.

History teachers could get their class to animate a timeline of events.   Science teachers could ask their classes to make an animation of a butterfly's life cycle.  If you have a budding Walt Disney in your class, you might get an animation that you can use for front of class teaching in the future!

Ease of use is very much at the forefront of this app's design.  You set up the device on a stable platform, create a new scene, take a picture, make a small adjustment, and tap the screen to take another picture, and so on.  You have control over the speed of the playback and can add sound to the animations.  Each option is both easy to find and obvious in its use.  You won't have to learn how to drill down into menus to access features in Smoovie.

Creativity won't be hampered by fear of accidental destruction either.  A useful undo command lets users roll back from any mistakes.  

This ease of use makes the app ideal for the classroom as your children can get going quickly without wasting time learning the app.  As you and your classes become more familiar with the app, you might wish that you could add a few on-screen effects but you have to remember that this would add complexity and the possibility of confusion.  

Other apps exist for adding some post-processing effects if you so desire.  Stylistically, it is actually more satisfying for all effects to be added in the actual animation being produced.

You can export .mov files from the app so that children can keep a copy for themselves or embellish them using other software.  Keeping the purity of purpose of this app maintains the accessibility of Smoovie and is what makes it such a great classroom app.

Many school tablets don't get used for much beyond finding answers on the internet and playing a few simple games.  They are capable of enriching education far more than this.  Smoovie will help you to create a lesson that your children will remember, whatever your subject.

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