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About Smartick

Smartick is a math teaching platform that is designed to provide students with 15-minutes a day of math practice. Smartick prompts children to undertake a 15 minute maths practice session every day and provides a variety of fun educational activities to play after. Smartick helps to improve thinking and reasoning skills. Smartick is free to download for iOS and Android devices and best suited for children 7 and up. 

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What's it about?

Smartick - Math for Children is a subscription-based, standards-aligned math practice tool that provides 15-minute daily assessments to determine how kids are performing on various problem types. Judging by the Smartick experience, a lot of learning can be squeezed into just 15 minutes. 

Why we love the Smartick Math?

The main activity in Smartick is meant to be undertaken each day. It only lasts for 15 minutes so it should be easy for a child to fit it in around their other schoolwork and free time. By answering the wide variety of questions set by the app, which are tailored to meet the user's current ability and knowledge, children will both embed their understanding and gradually progress in maths.

The 15 minutes is fully used. The app automatically switches into a break mode if children do not interact with it for a certain amount of time - they can work at their own pace but not take unfair advantage of this flexibility. Just in case the child is truly stuck, though, the app gives a helpful explanation of the correct method to answer the on-screen question before entering 'break mode'. This session must be completed before children can engage with the other sections of the app.

The questions are always relevant and written with clarity. They are varied both in topics and in how the answers are entered.  Sometimes digits are typed in and sometimes graphical elements on the screen are moved into place.  In questions that need it, a working out area that guides children to the answer and correct methods is offered for use. Sound effects and speech are used well to confirm and explain. 

All of this contributes to the truly stand-out feature of this app which is how well-designed and how well polished it is. From its calming colour scheme which is a far cry from the often garish hues of other educational apps to the stylised and attractive artwork, the Smartick app exudes quality. Using the app is effortless, leaving all of the user's mental capacity for the maths at hand.  

How can Smartick Math benefit teachers?

Teachers could use these tutorials as revision prompts in the classroom. Parents who are sometimes lacking confidence in their maths skills can also use these to support their child and refresh their memory at the same time. The app does recommend that parents do not help children in the main sessions, though, as the app adjusts its content to match the player's performance. Parental input would distort this.

While children are prompted to use the app each day for their 15-minute session, their education with the app does not have to end there. In the Smartick Brain section of the app are a set of cognitive exercises that are game-like and challenging.

Monitoring each child registered with the Smartick platform is as easy to use as the rest of it.  It offers all of the data you might need without becoming complex for the sake of it.

Importantly, children can also check on their progress by sending their avatar into the Smartick world's schoolhouse.  Performance for each topic is shown visually and they can see the rewards promised to them by their parents and teachers. The app itself awards diplomas and ticks to mark milestones in each child's learning within the app. The ticks can be spent on in-app rewards.

This child-friendly feedback area can motivate students and help them address their weaknesses.  Reflecting on their use of the app will help them learn to take responsibility for their learning and development. Further motivation comes from harnessing the competitive spirits of children and they can enter into maths competitions with their friends in the app's virtual world.  

How much does Smartick cost?

Smartick is free to download. You can try the paid version of the app for free for 15 days before purchasing the full version. Smartick is available as a subscription service but you can have a very useful 15 days in which to assess it. There are comprehensive advice and guidance sections in the app and the developers can be contacted using a chat function if you have further questions.  During these 15 days, encourage your child to make good use of the app so that you can see how well it suits them and how much it helps them.  This isn't the cheapest maths subscription service out there but its quality and completeness make it one that you should look at carefully.  Still, there are numerous free math apps for students.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, Smartick Math is easy to use. Moving between the web-app version of Smartick and the app version is almost seamless.  Even if the student is partway through an activity when it is ended on one device, the session will open up at the same question on the other device with the remaining time in the session still left to use.  

As well as the practice sessions, many tutorial activities are also available.  These mix instruction and active participation very well and are often woven around a practical problem. Children who struggle with literacy will not be held back in maths as these sessions are fully narrated in a clear and natural voice.

Something seen in these tutorials that is not common in other apps is that, where appropriate, they show multiple methods.  For example, simplifying fractions show students two methods for doing this and lets them choose which of the methods to use when it comes to answering the questions for themselves.  This increases the chances of the app's tuition matching a child's school's methods and also lets more-able children look at maths in greater depth.


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Smartick Math for children helps kids to master math in 15min and appropriate for children 4 to 14 years. Smartick is a fun and entertaining method of learning Math. Daily 15 minute sessions, which adapt in real-time to the student's responses. Students work at their own pace, with progressing based on their own ability and working at their full potential. It reinforces self-esteem and self-confidence. At the end of the daily session the student can access the Virtual World, where they can play scientifically designed games to enhance their cognitive training. 92% of students improve their calculation skills, and 83% improve their school grade in Math. Thousands of children from more than 42 countries benefit from the method every day.

Smartick has been created by a team of Educators, Psychologists, Mathematicians, and Engineers, and has received numerous distinctions:

2014 Selected as one of the 30 most innovative initiatives in Europe - European Commission
2014 Winner of Premios Emprendedor XXI - Ministry of Industry and La Caixa
2014 2nd position in The South Summit - Spain Start Up
2013 2013 Best case study worldwide - World Gamification Congress

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