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SmartFeed-Find Great Kids’ Movies, TV, Apps, Books

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About SmartFeed-Find Great Kids’ Movies, TV, Apps, Books

SmartFeed is an interesting app designed to help the parent/carer curate appropriate media into one intuitive programme based on a set of criteria determined by the child and/or the adult. As a parent rightly points out on the feedback video, when we were young we only had three TV channels to choose from, actually with me it was two, but now the children have a tremendous choice which can be delightful, but also daunting and dangerous.

Teacher Review

The functioning of the app is very straightforward and there are numerous help guides, of every media type to get you started. The layout and controls are simple and functional and do not detract from the main purpose of the programme. The menu bar at the bottom of the screen provides the user with the main four functions of the app; ‘Feed’, which enables you to create the profile of the children, ‘Library’, which enables you to set up and organise the children’s media, ‘Expert Playlists’, as the title suggests but categorized into sections e.g. ‘Environmentalism’, ‘Black History Month’ and ‘Money Management’ etc. The final button is ‘Search’, providing the user with a facility to search a vast range of media outlets for specific topics. 
The user sets up a child profile through the ‘Feed’, the intuitive controls guide you through a series of steps to determine what your child likes “Interests’, the Academic subjects they need or are interested in and Character Traits, ranging from Anti-Bullying & Conflict Resolution to Sportsmanship a curious mixture that I am sure in time will be refined even further. The final setting sets a filter for Violence & Scariness, Sex & Nudity, and Language to choose on a sliding scale from ‘No Thanks’ to ‘It’s okay’.  When this is set up for the child a set of media is presented based on their profile settings. Having set my son up the choice of media was extremely good.
Adding specific media to the child’s profile is also intuitive, the search menu provides the user with a number of filters, ‘Movies’, ‘T.V.’, ‘Apps’ and ‘Books’. The inevitable search for ‘Harry Potter’ brought up a great choice from all categories which can be individually clicked on and a description summary is provided. Once the user has browsed through the choice they have the ability to save it to an individual child profile, get the resource from the specific store or share the resource with the SmartFeed community.
In conclusion I have nothing but praise for this useful app. As the system refines and the community grows it may become the first stop for all discerning parents/carers. Many parents/carers lack the time to wade through the endless number of electronic resources that are useful for the development of the child. A growing trend in the market today is to develop a gateway for this process to filter suitable content, this can only be done with other likeminded people with a genuine desire to look for quality content that are aligned to a set of common values. Developing this community is the crucial factor in the growth and distribution of this app, certainly a way forward is to develop a group of reviewers who share the vision and can review and test the appropriate media to provide a standard, the perfect example of this type of peer review is Wikipedia, from a very shaky start it has now become the first stop for information.
Certainly an app for the busy parent and teacher to have in their toolkit, one to watch for the future.
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  • SmartFeed-Find Great Kids’ Movies, TV, Apps, BooksSmartFeed-Find Great Kids’ Movies, TV, Apps, BooksSmartFeed-Find Great Kids’ Movies, TV, Apps, BooksSmartFeed-Find Great Kids’ Movies, TV, Apps, BooksSmartFeed-Find Great Kids’ Movies, TV, Apps, Books


SmartFeed makes it easy for parents to find, save and get great movies, TV shows, apps and books for their kids!

FREE, customized playlists for your child based on interests + education + character traits you choose.

Filter and sort 30,000+ kids’ app, video and book titles to find expert reviews, parent ratings, awards and media sources like Netflix, Apple TV, Xfinity & more–all in one spot!

Use SmartFeed for peace of mind with kids’ screen time!

Quickly discover content your kids will love and you’ll approve. Parents and teachers can use this simple tool to find great movies, TV shows, Apps and Books for kids.

SmartFeed is your One-Stop-Shop for all things Kids’ Media! With the SmartFeed app, discover, save and download great kids’ media titles wherever you may be.

  • Search 30,000 movies, TV shows, apps, books to find out if a title is right for your child.
  • See what multiple kids’ experts think of the children’s titles you’re considering.
  • Filter results by where you want to get inspiring titles- iTunes, Netflix, Xfinity and more.
  • Choose from 50+ expert playlists to find quick ideas.
  • In one place, find what kids’ experts think of each title.
  • Filter all titles by award winners like the People’s Choice, Caldecott and Newbery Book Awards.

Kids change. It’s easy to update your SmartFeed Profile and get new titles for them!

  • Take 3 minutes to customize profiles based on age + child’s interests + academic topics + character traits
  • Search 30,000+ titles.
  • Filter results by age, genre, award winners, titles topics and much more!
  • Follow the best experts in kids’ movies, TV apps & books to see their recos by age
  • Keep track of the educational apps, children’s TV shows, best kids’ movies and books working well for your family.
  • Build playlists for the best educational content, family movie night, inspiring role models, good for traveling – or whatever topic and situation you need!
  • Save all the titles you like to your library and playlists.
  • Hide titles and characters you don’t like - so you never have to hear about them again.
  • Share the titles and playlists with the sitter, grandparents, teachers or the parents of your kids’ friends!

Use SmartFeed to make “good” screen time – easy!

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