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About SmartDreams Bedtime Stories

SmartDreams Bedtime Stories uses AI to create unique, personalised bedtime stories accompanied by vivid illustrations. Children’s love for reading will grow through this app which has endless story possibilities. The app is safe and uses only the child’s first name to start the personalised story. They can then choose from a wide selection of fun characters, fantastical worlds and foods to generate an individualised tale to read. Each story delivers valuable morals and lessons that your child can learn from through customised, colourful artwork and animal noises. 

Created stories can then be easily saved and shared with family and friends for everyone to enjoy! Children can be read to from the app by a parent or can easily navigate the app themselves due to SmartDreams Bedtime Stories simple, intuitive design.

SmartDreams Bedtime Stories Review

What we love about SmartDreams Bedtime Stories

SmartDreams Bedtime Stories is a unique, convenient and engaging storytime app that children and parents alike can look forward to using every day. It solves the boredom issue at bedtime resulting from limited book choices through the app’s endless, personalised story possibilities. SmartDreams Bedtime Stories develops children’s imagination bringing each tale to life through the beautifully colourful illustrations and animal sounds.

What skills does it improve?

SmartDreams Bedtime Stories is designed to encourage and promote a love for reading. The app will help develop a child’s literacy skills through this fun and engaging interface. Older children can be encouraged to read aloud from the app.

Younger children can be read to and introduced to new key words alongside valuable morals and lessons within each tale.

What age is it appropriate for?

SmartDreams Bedtime Stories is suitable for children from age four and upwards and will be most appropriate for ages six to eight years old.

Is SmartDreams Bedtime Stories for Kids easy to use?

SmartDreams Bedtime Stories is easy to use. The interface is clear and straightforward for use by both children and parents.

How will students benefit?

Students will look forward to bedtime reading with this app! The anticipation of not knowing which story they will get each night is a really good way to entice children to read. The stories are full of beautiful descriptions with age appropriate language for them to explore and develop their vocabulary.

How will parents benefit?

The app is free to use and parents will appreciate the endless story possibilities for bedtime. This is especially handy when away from home, a new and exciting story is always on hand.

The app encourages and will easily engage a child in reading.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers could use this app for storytime in class or as a way to encourage children to read independently in class or at home.

How much does SmartDreams Bedtime Stories cost?

SmartDreams Bedtime Stories is free.

Is SmartDreams Bedtime Stories safe to use?

Yes. The application only asks for a name or nickname, gender and child’s age and users are informed at the time of completion that this information will not be shared.

There are no chat features in the app. The app's privacy policy and terms of service are included in the 'Settings' section on the app.

We think SmartDreams Bedtime Stories could improve on:

The app fully meets its intended aims and purpose.

Overall rating of the app

I would highly recommend this app to all parents. Reading from an early age with children is very important in their development and SmartDreams Bedtime Stories will help ensure that this precious time between parents and children is always new, fun and developmental

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