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About SmartAlec Clock

SmartAlec Clock is a teaching aid and practice tool for helping kids learn to tell the time using an analogue clock. It has a clear and innovatively designed clock face to assist the process, and its speech makes it suitable for kids with limited literacy skills.

The app is suitable for any child who is yet to master telling the time on an analogue clock. You can download SmartAlec Clock on iOS and Android devices for a single purchase price, and there are no further in-app purchase options.

SmartAlec Clock Review

What is SmartAlec Clock app?

While there is a trend towards large educational platforms that cover whole subjects across year and grade groups, there is still a need for focussed apps that concentrate on helping kids with specific skills.

Such apps can:

  • Avoid the ongoing cost of subscriptions when kids only need help with a single topic. 
  • Ensure that their design is perfect for the chosen topic rather than being a jack-of-all-trades.
  • Be easy to administer in a school environment.

SmartAlec Clock is an app designed to help kids learn to tell the time. It concentrates only on this topic with its exercises and interactive clock. Does it achieve its potential? Read the following review of SmartAlec Clock app to find out.

What we love about SmartAlec Clock.

There's no need for suspense — yes, SmartAlec Clock does meet its objectives. It is a great go-to option for any parent or teacher who wants to help kids learn to tell the time.

The clock and the exercises are clear, relevant, and work well from an educational perspective. This probably due to an experienced SEN teacher having a hand in its creation.

The clock face used is helpfully divided in an innovative way to aid kids to understand how minutes and hours relate to each other and the time.

What skills does it improve?

SmartAlec Clock concentrates on teaching kids how to read and set the time on an analogue clock face. 

What age is it appropriate for?

In both the English National Curriculum and the US Common Core State Standards, kids should be comfortable using an analogue clock around the ages of 7 or 8. 

However, most teachers will recognise the problem of kids going beyond this age and still not comfortable with either the topic of time as a whole or using an analogue clock, in particular.

Is SmartAlec Clock easy to use?

SmartAlec Clock has a clear and intuitive user interface. The app speaks questions and instructions aloud, allowing kids whose literacy levels are limited to practise time skills.

How will students benefit?

Sometimes overly gamified learning content can prolong the time it takes to benefit from an app. With SmartAlec Clock, kids can get straight to the exercises and complete them. The different aspects of using an analogue clock face are logically separated so kids can work directly on the ones they struggle with and not have to work through skills they already have.

How will teachers benefit?

Apps that can freely sit on classroom devices until they are needed are very welcome in the classroom. SmartAlec Clock will find many uses in school, such as front-of-class teaching when mirrored to a screen, individual support, and giving kids practice sessions.

How will parents benefit?

The few improvements that we can suggest for this app are to help its use in the classroom with multiple kids. SmartAlec Clock performs admirably in a home environment. Parents can use it to support their kids on a one-to-one basis. The adjustable clock face is great for talking about and teaching different aspects of time. 

The exercises work well for kids to practise independently and for a parentsupported activity.

What can SmartAlec Clock improve on?

As mentioned above, many kids do not learn how to use an analogue clock at the recommended age. The app's website gives the statistic of "a sobering one in seven never learns to tell the time at all".

SmartAlec Clock has a design that is age-neutral enough that older kids could use it. The only aspect that lets it down in this regard is that the speech in the app is from young children. If the app had an option for an alternate voice, even a synthesised one, it would help in this regard. 

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For classroom use, a simple system of user accounts would be useful so that teachers can track the progress of multiple kids. In addition, a simple way to clear user data would be an excellent quality-of-life benefit for teachers who want to use it with different students over time.

Parents might appreciate extra information, either in the app or on its supporting website, guiding them on how to help their kids. Relaying how the app's designer would use the app to support kids might benefit parents unsure of how to help.

How much does SmartAlec Clock cost?

SmartAlec Clock is priced very reasonably, and the whole app is available for a single price with no in-app purchase options or advertisements. There is no trial version.

Is SmartAlec Clock safe to use?

All of the content in SmartAlec Clock is suitable for young kids. There are no advertisements or in-app purchases, and the app does not ask for any user data. 

Overall rating of the app.

SmartAlec Clock app easily achieves the benefits of a tightly focused app, as described at the start of this review. If you're a parent who wants to help your child learn to tell the time, this app will be a great support at a reasonable price. If you're a teacher, you will find it helpful to have to hand on your classroom device. SmartAlec Clock is a small app but a great value five-star one.

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