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About Smart Tales - STEM learning

Smart Tales is a fun and entertaining introduction to the world of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) for young children.  It uses a story-based structure with interactive elements.  Both combine to encourage children to think about STEM topics.

Smart Tales is aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 6 and is available on iOS and Android as a free trial app that can be fully unlocked through a subscription.

Smart Tales - STEM learning Review

What is Smart Tales app?

Smart Tales is a richly presented app crammed full of interactive stories that encourage young children to think about technology in a smart way. Children join in with the many interactive tales to watch the events unfold and lend a helpful hand in overcoming the obstacles encountered by the characters. 

What we love about Smart Tales?

Smart Tales includes more than 50 book-like adventures. Each contains different interactive challenges to complete and adventures to enjoy. Yet, the graphics and sound in each one never fail to be of high quality.   

You may have seen other apps full of content where the different assets have been sourced in different places. This leads to a disjointed and distracting experience. Fortunately, Smart Tales avoids this problem with well animated, consistent and clear presentation throughout. All are enlivened with sound effects, jolly music, and clear narration. 

What skills does it improve?

The challenges are varied in the app. Each story, as it begins, shows what skills it concentrates on. Examples include logical associations, sizes and heights, coding, logic, shapes and colours, and more. 

A really nice touch is that the stories don't just concentrate on STEM but take the opportunity to build towards a moral. These, like the rest of the app, are varied, but they provide thinking points and advice for children to be kind, thoughtful, and conscientious. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Smart Tales app is designed for kids aged 3 to 6 but, obviously, it will depend to some extent on each child's educational development so far. 

Is Smart Tales easy to use?

The different tales are each represented with a title and a picture so that young children can easily navigate through them. There are no complex menus and everything is available to children with just a single touch. 

How will students benefit?

Making apps for young children is difficult because a foundational level of literacy cannot be relied upon. It is not fair to hold back children in other subjects because they are struggling with learning to read. A good narration feature can make all of the difference and this is what is in Smart Tales. 

All of the stories are narrated so children can learn about STEM topics even if their literacy has yet to develop fully. The voiceover is clear, friendly and injects fun into the adventures and learning. 

How will teachers benefit?

Smart Tales does not enforce a defined structure upon its users. Teachers can pick any tale they like. This will make the app great for interactive story lessons with small groups. Once teachers have found a story that matches the topic they wish to cover, whether to do with STEM or for the moral content, they can share it with their class. Pausing to discuss the story and getting individuals to help with the interactive parts will only make it more fun and educational. 

How will parents benefit?

Smart Tales is an easy app for parent and child to share. The stories are long enough to be interesting but short enough to fit into convenient times. They are great conversation starters that you can use to help your child develop their thinking and understanding. There are plenty to start with and new ones are being added periodically so the app will give you a great ready-to-go library of interactive stories to share. 

What Smart Tales can improve on?

Navigation of the different tales could be improved a little. They are all easy to find and use as a whole, but it isn't as easy as it might be to find tales that cover specific skills. Little icons on the thumbnails show broad topic areas but, finding tales that cover shapes and colours, for example, can only be done by trial and error. 

A similar function for searching tales by their morals exists. You can pick tales by those that have morals categorised as friendship, cooperation and so on. Doing the same as this for other topics would make it much easier for teachers to jump straight to a relevant story. If the developers do not want to overcomplicate the child-facing menu, which is a valid concern, then a separate one on the teacher/parent area might be helpful.  

How much does Smart Tales cost?

Smart Tales can be downloaded for free. Most of the tales will be locked in this form but enough are fully functional for you to fully test out the app's suitability. 

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

All of the tales are unlocked as soon as you take out the subscription. This gets you access to all of the current tales as well as new ones when they are released into the app. You can find these in the section marked 'new'. 

Is Smart Tales safe to use?

There are no advertisements or external links in Smart Tales app. All of the content is suitable for young children to use.

Overall rating

As you will have seen in this Smart Tales app review, there is little to fault in the app. Smart Tales is fun, educational, and great for parents, teachers, and children to share quality time together. Try out the free trial and see how much you and your children enjoy it. Smart Tales is a 5-star app.

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The first interactive library for children aged 3 and up: a unique collection of animated stories and educational games to learn while having fun!

Academics' Choice Award™ 2020
National Parenting Product Award 2020
Parent and Teacher Choice Award 2020
Tillywig Award 2020

If as a dedicated parent you are looking for an innovative and fun-filled way to entertain your child, enter the amazing world of Smart Tales!
Smart Tales is a library full of animated stories: engaging tales accompanied by interactive games to stimulate the imagination and passion for STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

By immersing yourself in the stories of Smart Tales your child will feel ready to face the world of school: with over 50 original stories and 300 educational games, learning calculation, coding and logic has never been so fun!
Our app is safe, ad-free and child-friendly. Each story is created by expert educators and is told by professional voice actors, to allow even the little ones to immerse themselves in fantastic adventures.


Peter the farmer, Pip the pig, Vicky the mischievous monkey and Claire the curious hen… discover all our characters and follow their adventures on the farm, in the jungle, in the woods, from the ocean floor and all the way up into outer space!
Each story is a unique learning experience. Every two / three pages of the story you will find an interactive game designed to develop specific skills: logic, memory, visual attention and calculation.
Educational and entertaining stories: each story contains a moral and addresses social issues which are important for a balanced childhood development.


50+ stories, 500+ animated pages with original content
300+ always new and challenging educational games
Exciting animations for guaranteed fun
Stories and games available offline, anytime, anywhere
New content every month!

Smart Tales offers a secure, ad-free digital environment. The contents are designed by expert educators and speech therapists and already approved by our team of little testers who experience them in preview; they are also validated by hundreds of teachers who use our app in the classroom.

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