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About smart Chords

smartChord is an app available for download from Google Play for use on Android devices and PC. The app provides access to customisable chords and tab for millions of songs across a large range of string instruments e.g. guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin, ukulele. For each instrument chords and tab are available for predefined and custom tunings, from 3 to 8 strings, from the first to the last fret, with capo and for both left and right-handed musicians.

The app contains a myriad of tools that will be useful to every musician at all levels from beginner to professional. Some of the many tools included with the app are: Tuner, Metronome, Scales, Songbook, Set list, Chord Progressions, Arpeggios, Circle Of Fifths, Fretboard trainer, Drum kit, Transposer, Virtual Instrument, Notepad and even more. The smartChord app can be personalised to each musicians needs, they can add their favourite tools to the home screen, save chosen songs for offline use, edit songs into different tunings, speeds and for different instruments, write and store their own song lyrics and chords etc. and much more. The app also helps the user improve their music theory knowledge and aural skills with tools like the ‘ear trainer’ and ‘circle of fifths’. This is an app with vast capabilities for every level of musician. Finally, apart from English, smartChord also comes in other languages such as French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Basque.

smart Chords Review

What we love about smartChord

smartChord replaces many different musical tool apps with a one-stop library of resources where the user can choose and organise the apps that are most relevant to them onto their own start screen. Not only does the app contain a vast range of tools but each of the tools has been designed to go above and beyond its usual functionality. For example, the tuner has an extra string change mode and the metronome includes a speed changer. The ‘chord library’ knows every chord and fingering for every instrument and tuning and the ‘songbook’ finds every song imaginable with chords for any tuning and instrument. Songs can be converted for guitar from ukulele, bass or banjo or vice versa from ukulele to guitar, etc.

The display is clear, easy to use and adaptable with intelligent line breaks, colour code capability for highlighting verses and choruses, dark mode, auto scroll so that the lyrics and chords move as you play along and zoom. There are so many tool options within the app alongside YouTube integration for the ‘songbook’. The scope for musical development in using these tools is endless.

What skills does it improve?

smartChord allows every player, whatever their ability to develop a multitude of musical skills. This is achieved through the apps large library of tools, allowing the user to tailor the app to their own specific musical goals. There are more than 35 tools within the app. Therefore, the user could choose to focus a session on performance work and use tools to support a practice session on an instrument for example, by starting with the ‘tuner’ tool to tune their instrument, then the ‘scale’ tool to help them warm up followed by choosing a song in the ‘songbook’ and then modifying this into a suitable key and tempo that suits them.

Alternatively, the player could choose to focus on music composition and utilise the ‘lyrics’ or ‘song writer’ tools. The ‘Playground’ tool means that the user can create music and try out ideas on the app without their instrument present. There are also options to develop music theory and aural skills alongside excellent reference tools such as ‘chords’, ‘circle of fifths and ‘chord name’.

To put it simply, any and every musician can develop the full range of musical skills through choosing to work with their desired tools within the app.

What age is it appropriate for?

The app is most suitable for secondary school children/college and university students or adult learners. It is suitable for all abilities, from beginner to professional. It is a useful app that helps organise all the necessary tools such as metronome, tuner and songbook in one place for all musicians.

Is smartChord easy to use?

The activities and exercises in smartChord are easy to understand and use. The menu is very straightforward to use for a practice session and has a clear design with quick access to all tools. There are detailed instructions for the tools within the app accessible on the supporting website and via links within the app itself.

How will students benefit?

Every student wants a quick way to find chords and adapt them to suit their own instrument and playing ability. smartChord provides an answer to this. Students will enjoy the smartChord app because they can personalise it to their own specific needs. This can be done both in the functionality of the app with transpositions, tempo changes etc possible but also from a visual perspective. The user can edit songs from phone or PC and mark up chorus and verses with different colours, this function alongside the clear display where you can zoom and view in multiple modes alongside a dark mode supports use for both practice sessions and live performances.

The reference tools within the app will enhance the students understanding of the fretboard for their instrument, chord structure, relationship between keys, ear training and much more.

The need to gather equipment and search for materials for practice sessions is eradicated with everything now in one place on smartChord.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers could lead lessons from the app using the reference material to explore new chords, explain positioning of notes on the fretboard and explore new songs. It is possible to share everything created in smartChord e.g. songs, exercises, chord progressions, fretboard quizzes with other users/musicians/students. Teachers can use the ‘songbook’ in smartChord to provide song backings and chords/tab/notation for students to play along to, freeing the teacher from playing along with the student and allowing them to focus on observing the students playing. These resources can be downloaded onto the teachers or students device for future offline use. This aspect and the apps functionality that allows each piece to be transposed to the learner’s required key, alongside visual adaptations and speed changes is a huge time saver for music lessons.

How will parents benefit?

The smartChord app is free to try out and is an excellent resource to help support home practice, ensuring that the child has access to fundamental tools such as a tuner and metronome alongside warm-up materials like the scales and arpeggios tools. The app also allows parents to hear how the child's instrumental part fits with whole song when the child plays along with the track in the ‘songbook’, enabling students to practice their performance fully, working on timing and hear their playing in the context of the whole song.

smartChord essentially saves parents locating and downloading multiple apps to support their child’s practice, everything they need is in one place!

How much does smartChord cost?

smartChord is free to download. There is no requirement to sign in and you can use many features of the app for free. There is an optional supplementary app that can be downloaded called “smartChord PLUS UNLIMITED”. This costs £17.99 as a onetime only payment and unlocks access to all features of smartChord for life.

Is smartChord safe to use?

Yes. The application does NOT collect, store or send any personal or personally identifiable information. There are no chat features and the app's data protection compliance is explained on the website.

We think smartChord could improve on:

The library of tools in the smartChord app is regularly updated, taking on user feedback. It is good to see the new tool ‘song writer’ being added. Further lesson based resources to help users make guided progress would be useful to some users of the app. However, the existing components do provide a comprehensive arsenal of tools for any musician.

Overall rating of the app:

smartChord puts all the tools a musician needs in one place and replaces the need for multiple apps. I would highly recommend this app to all musicians or music students who are looking for a one-stop place to store and customise all their favourite song charts and practice tools. This will support practice sessions, allowing easy access to everything the player needs for a successful rehearsal.

smartChord is a great way to support and inspire musical development through customisable play along chord charts and a vast library of music tools that will support any players performance or composition aspirations.

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