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About Smart Baby 3D

Smart baby is an educational game for the early development of children from two years old plus. The game has six learning games for pre-schoolers with a combination of letters, numbers, shapes and colours. The app claims to develop the child’s logic, attention, memory and fine motor skills.

Smart Baby 3D Review

The application is fairly straightforward to download and takes up a mere 50 MB of space, which can then be played without a WiFi connection.

The start screen has an ethereal blue sky with fluffy white clouds reflected on rippling water as a background. The background of music has the standard innocuously sounding melody with a lot of wind and string instruments. ‘Smart Baby 3D’, the title of the game is a wobbling set of letters. Below this title is a selection of eight icons, (in the full version), which include a colourful representation of each game.

The first game represented by a purple sphere on a green background leads the user into another screen, with the same background and music. The screen appears with a number of different coloured shapes. Touching the red sphere followed by touching another red sphere on the game cancels them out at the same time a narrator tells the user the colour. Curiously the colour matching is not the point of the game and the colour blue, for example can be cancelled out by choosing two different shapes. I suggest that any selection will cancel the shape out and the narrator merely speaks the colour. Selecting the game again provides the user with a larger number of coloured shapes.

The second icon in the menu displays a simple template for a shape to be placed in, which must match the colour; the spaces become increasingly complex, until four shapes are colour and shape matched correctly.

The third icon, a sky blue background with boldly coloured shapes, reveals two coloured template shapes which need to be joined with a floating equivalent shape.

The fourth icon on the menu reveals a number of spheres of the same colour stuck together representing numbers. The object of the game is to match this to the correct template upon which the shapes explode and the narrator then speaks both the number and the colour.

The fifth icon on the menu screen displays the coloured letter of the alphabet which again when matched correctly will prompt an explosion sound and the narrator will speak both the colour and the letter name. This continues through the lowercase alphabet onto the capital based letters alphabet.

The sixth game is a more complex version of a previous game where the child has to place the coloured shapes into the template, this is more complex than before because the shapes and colours vary.

The seventh game also increases the complexity by demanding the shapes match and the colour match also.

The final game is a conglomeration of all the previous games.

The game is reasonable, my grandchildren played happily for a while, but they did not last too long. This short engagement span was primarily due to the repetitive nature of the game and the lack of interaction other than touching something to produce a bang. The game does not closely ally itself with the English national curriculum and a helpful addition maybe a phonics version of the alphabet?

Perhaps the employment of an English speaking narrator for the UK would help, the pronunciation of ‘orange’ is a little confusing. 

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Cognitive Development
Critical Thinking
Thinking & Reasoning


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Christopher Jude Sanchez

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