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Small Experiments HD can be aimed at older children but with a bit of help from you, children of any age can have fun with these experiments. There are 25 to choose from with a range of themes. Each one also has an explanation so that you can go through with your children what happened and why it happened. For older children there is also the option of a quiz to find out what they have learnt from these experiments. A great app for using science with simple things from around your house or for those teachers who wish to demonstrate simple classroom experiments without the mess.

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  • Small Experiments HD MegaSmall Experiments HD MegaSmall Experiments HD MegaSmall Experiments HD MegaSmall Experiments HD Mega


••• Simple experiments for kids to do at home •••

Discover a series of fun and easy science experiments for kids to do at home in your living room or kitchen.

••• Experiments for kids explained step by step in VIDEO •••

Experiments are illustrated and explained step by step. Your iPad will be turned into a real little scientific laboratory. The application makes science fun and easy!

••• Experiments you will be able to do: •••
•An egg that floats and sinks
•Create multicolored plants
•Bend water with static electricity
•Make an engine with a candle
•Turn a tea bag into a rocket
•Extract DNA from a pear
•Make a mini jet boat from a chemical reaction
•Float a piece of metal
•Make a telephone with tin cans
•Collect meteorites
•Make a paper helicopter
•Play music with 8 glasses
•Make an extra powerful magnet
•Observe the weight of air
•Make a rainbow and more...

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