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About Slader Math Homework Answers

Slader Math is a textbook answer sharing app and website that contains answers to all the questions in a math textbook. Slader app provides students with the textbook homework questions to which users can add answers which are posted publicly. 

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Slader Math Homework Answers Review

What is Slader

Slader Math Homework Answers is a textbook answer-sharing app and site used by middle school, high school, and college students. Users post answers -- including answer keys, handwritten notes, and equations -- from commonly used textbooks. Subjects include math, science, history, English, world languages, and "other," which includes IB, economics, geography, and more. 

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What happened to Slader?

Slader is part of Quizlet now. You can try Quizlet for free first, and some of its functionality (e.g., flashcards) doesn’t require a subscription at all. However, to get access to the extended functionality, you’ll have to purchase a Quizlet Plus subscription.

Slader Features

Wide Range of Subjects

Answers to multiple subjects -- math, science, English, foreign language, and more -- but it's unlikely kids will learn much as they use it. If kids use the explanations or step-by-step process to practice and learn, then it may have more value.

User Profiles and Interaction

Users create a profile by choosing a username and photo. Anyone can add answers to any textbook question and anyone can comment on those answers. You cannot view another users profile or contact them directly. However, children are still connected with strangers on this app via the comments section. Therefore, no child should have this app without a parent knowing.

Popularity Surge

This website has gained popularity significantly in the last two years. Previously answers used to only be posted by math teachers and tutors, but now the site has a peer-to-peer plan. Every question on the website is answered by fellow high school students.

Comparison to Chegg

Slader is similar to the textbook solutions section of Chegg Study. You can search for answers to questions in your textbook just by looking up the book’s ISBN. The site uses the instructor copy of the book to provide the answers. If you receive answers this way, you will want to rephrase them in your own words (when possible).

Slader Alternatives

There are some very good Slader alternative homework help apps available, where tutors lead students through problems to learn as they assist them at arriving at the right answer.

App Details

  • Rating: 4
  • Devices: Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Category: Apps for College Students
  • Ages: College/University (18+ Years of Age)
  • Skills: Academic Relevance
  • In-App Purchases: No
  • In-App Advertising: No
  • Publisher: Slader, LLC

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