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About Skoolbo Core Skills

Skoolbo Core Skills has to be one of the best apps that we have come across so far. Kids will love it and teachers will love that the kids love it so much. The app receives a 5 Star EAS Certification and EAS Recommended Status. 

Skoolbo Core Skills Review

Where do we start? This app has over 50,000 questions to get through on the subjects of literacy and numeracy. The sheer number of possibilities for learning and playing means that you will be using this app for months and months (at least!). When you consider that this gem of an app is free, well- best not to bother reading on... what are you waiting for to download this app!?

This app is a multi-topics app that combines numeracy and literacy for children between the ages of 4 and 10. One of the great things about this app is that you can work through the levels and progress with your learning as you work your way through the different activities within the content. Furthermore, the app is alogorithm based so that it adapts to the child’s level regardless of their age. As the learner works through the app, the algorithm is constantly re-assessing and adapting to his/her needs so the app delivers and ideal mix of new content, not yet mastered content and revision content. Furthermore, teachers also have the ability to customise the program and set specific curricula for their pupils

From a learning outcomes and curriculum perspective, the app covers all the main concepts from key stages 1 to 2. On the literacy side kids will learn how phonics and phonemes as well as learning further sound integrations, blending, listening to words that are very similar and then choosing the right word spelling, vocabulary, spellings and basic grammar in the form of nouns, verbs, adjectives and then making sure that sentences are grammatically correct. All of the subjects within the app act as the foundation for all key stage 3 learning in the UK. Teachers will be able to use this app to support their lessons in a very consistent manner as the exercises are like a work book with a little magic added (more on this later!).

On the numbers side, kids will go through basic arithmetic (speed is taken into account), multiplication (up to 12) and division are also included. We really liked the fact that the questions are phrased in different ways so that sometimes you are being asked to divide something and sometimes you are asked to problem solve and figure out for yourself that you have to divide. In addition to these topics, at a higher KS2 level (or for whenever your kids reach this level) the app introduces the topics of percentages, time mentals, fractions, powers, prime numbers and decimal multiplication.

So, what of the “magic” that we mentioned earlier..? Well, it is in the graphics and layout of the questions! Your kids will think of this app more like a video game rather than an app that becomes a chore because they have to “learn”. Real kudos has to go to the design team of this app as you enter fantastical 3D worlds. You can choose (and dress up your character) so that he/she matches you or an imaginary person. Your character plays other characters that are chosen at random from within the app and you have to beat them in a race. The more questions that you answer correctly, the further your character runs! In some games your character is running against others, in other games your character drives a space ship.

Furthermore, the more games that the child plays, the more badges that he/she earns. These translate into points and prizes which really bring out the competitive spirit in the learner and make him/her interested in playing (learning) more.

One of the great things about this app is that parents and teachers can go into the “back-end” of the app and see (and receive) detailed reports on how the kids are getting on. This section details how long they take to complete the assignments as well as how proficient they are becoming in each topic. This is fabulous so that when the time comes to return to the classroom, teachers can reinforce those topics and then get the kids to return to the app in order to consolidate learnings.

Overall, this is a great app and we hope that you get a lot out of it too. 

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