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About Sketch Nation

Sketch Nation Create is a visual tool that lets users easily create games without any coding. Kids can create their own games or play games created by others. Kids can choose to create side-running, up-jumping, side-flying, traffic, lander, up-scrolling, platformer, match-2, or match-3 games. After choosing the type of game, kids choose to work in simple or advanced mode, depending on the number of levels they want to include.

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Sketch Nation Create is a game-creation platform that lets you create online games with enormous flexibility, imagination, detail and fun – and share these games with friends and the Sketch Nation community!

With you own artwork, photos and sounds, you can design all the characters, obstacles, challenges, stories and levels for your games, bringing your ideas to the screen entirely through your own creativity, cleverness and skill.

And now you can even make true multiplayer games for real-time play with friends, family, and more, using all the Sketch Nation tools that our users are familiar with.

Because Sketch Nation offers gaming, drawing, coding, and problem-solving in one integrated tool, it can be as simple or challenging as you choose to make it.

Sketch Nation Create is used by schools and players around the world, from young students to aspiring game designers and coders.

For gamers, Sketch Nation gives you multiple genres, with some going from simple to expert modes, and multiple levels and settings so you can get the game just right.

For students, our app lets you tell stories, explore ideas, challenge yourself and show your skills through personalized video games, while learning some of the techniques involved in creating the types of games you are already familiar with.

For educators and parents, Sketch Nation provides a terrific environment to help kids explore, imagine, investigate and create – simultaneously honing their artistic abilities and getting hands-on experience with game design.

For everyone, Sketch Nation Create lets you bring your ideas, art and imagination to life.

Prior users of our apps have made millions of games, calling Sketch Nation software “really simple to use and great fun”, “awesome”, “amazing”, “a unique delight”, an opportunity to “flex your creative muscles and experiment”, “admirably easy and more than a little fun”.

(Sketch Nation was formerly known as Engineous Games. Our former apps were Sketch Nation Shooter and Sketch Nation Studio.) .

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