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Skeleton System Pro III

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Skeletal System Pro III contains a wealth of information which the average medical student and physician will find intrinsically useful...Excellent clear visuals and detailed 3D model.

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Skeletal System Pro III is used by most universities and is now the standard learning/reference tool for students and medical professionals.


- iMedicalapps

"Ideal for health care students and possibly even for surgical preparation"

"The user interface of Skeleton System Pro III is incredibly interactive, and constantly displays several hints regarding how to navigate the app and ultimately get more out of using it."

“Skeletal System Pro is a simple and accurate app of the human skeletal system. It contains a comprehensive list of bones and landmarks that are rendered in rich 3D graphics.”
– Medical App Journal

"The images really are stunning when seen on the iPad."
– Clinical journal of Sports Medicine Blog.


✓ 360 horizontal degree rotation of any body part - with a swipe of your finger.
✓ Rotate vertically for inferior and superior for unique views where applicable.
✓ 94 animations of every movement of each articulation (flexion, extension, etc.)
✓ 596 audio pronunciations, for every label.
✓ Draw on any screen image and then share it through email, Facebook or Twitter.
✓ 2 types of Quiz, Drag and Drop and Multi-choice.


✓ Interface: Completely rebuilt to allow for simple navigation.
✓ Mix layers: Make one layer semitransparent to compare against another layer.
✓ Public Notes: Post or browse through shared public notes.
✓ Graphical Hints: On screen hints that can be turned on or off, for a complete understanding of all the app's features.

The Skeletal System Pro III - includes the most in depth 3D skeleton ever developed, the ability to rotate, cut and get superior/inferior views all with the simple stroke of the finger.

This app’s primary use is as a learning tool but can also be used as a fast and innovative reference tool by utilizing the index function that allows the user to select an item and the app will automatically zoom in and identify it.

Additionally, this app is ideal for physicians, educators or professionals, allowing them to visually show detailed areas of the skeletal system to their patients or students, helping to educate or explain conditions, ailments and injuries.

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