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About Skandy: Plagiarism Checker App

Skandy is an app for detecting cheating, whether by plagiarism or using generative AI. Teachers can use the app to see evidence of plagiarism and the probability of the text using AI-generated content.

Skandy is available on the web or through free downloadable apps on iOS and Android. New users have complimentary credits that they spend to analyse each document and can add to them by buying various bundles. On the web app, users purchase credits, while on the iOS and Android apps, subscription options are also available.

Skandy: Plagiarism Checker App Review

What is Skandy app?

Skandy's purpose is to detect text copied from another source or generated by artificial intelligence. You upload a document or copy text into the app. It then does what its website describes as 'magic' to spot text that may not be original, human-created text.

Skandy gives the results as percentages. Plagiarised content is provided as a percentage of the text that may be plagiarised, while AI text is given as a probability of the text having been produced by generative AI. How you interpret these numbers is left to you.

Inputting text for Skandy to assess is easy. You can either copy it into a text field or upload a document. If you copy and paste, remember to enter a name for the text, or it won't let you scan it.

Once Skandy has the text and you've started the scanning process, there will be a short wait until you receive the results. Longer texts can take a few minutes. Your results are saved in Skandy, so if you accidentally close your browser without checking the results, you only need to log back in to see the scores.

You can also download your report as a PDF.

What we love about Skandy app.

New technology brings with it new challenges. The internet has made plagiarism easier to carry out, and now generative AI, like ChatGPT, has taken this a step further.

Fortunately, technology can also bring with it solutions. Skandy is an early tool designed to help teachers preserve the integrity of their assessments and encourage students to rely on their learning and not on cheating.

What skills does it teach?

Skandy is most likely going to be used in education by teachers. It does not teach skills but could act as a deterrent to students against plagiarising content or cheating using generative AI.

What age is it appropriate for?

Within education, Skandy is a tool most suited to educators and older students. Learners of upper secondary and high school age and older are those most likely to find its tools useful. People in many other professions need a way to check the originality of text and could find that Skandy meets their needs.

Is Skandy app easy to use?

Using Skandy is simple. Copying and pasting text or uploading it follows common workflows. Although it lacks tooltips, which could clarify the process,  a little experimentation helps you progress.

How will students benefit?

Students who have not plagiarised other's work or cheated by using AI will appreciate knowing that others have not taken a shortcut to equal success. Skandy is a deterrent for those tempted to cheat, which could help avoid the consequences of such actions.

Students may also use the app to check that they have not inadvertently reflected their research sources too closely, putting themselves at risk of plagiarism accusations.

How will teachers benefit?

Educators are already wondering how to balance the possibilities of generative AI against its dangers. Skandy could be one tool to help with this. It also detects more low-tech plagiarism, such as copying from elsewhere, providing an all-encompassing deterrent.

Its credit-based approach on the web app provides a useful alternative to a subscription model for educators who might only need to check student assessments at key times of the year.

What can Skandy app improve on?

Generative AI is new to most people, and tools for detecting it are even newer. As a pioneer in this sector, Skandy needs to do a little more to educate its users.

We'd like to see Skandy provide more context and explanation to its scoring to emphasise their meanings and significance. The repercussions of Skandy's indicators could be severe, so understanding them is crucial.

For example, we'd like to know what constitutes a significant score. In one test of a paragraph generated by ChatGPT, Skandy indicated a 51% probability of AI generation. A longer article that did not use AI showed a 31% probability of AI generation.

Firstly, we'd like Skandy to clarify that the percentage represents a probability, not a proportion. The figures are labelled clearly but smaller than the number, and an explanatory tooltip would help emphasise their meaning.

We also asked ourselves what a significant figure was. Our pure AI test showed a 51 % probability. Does this mean anything over 50% should be viewed with suspicion? We wouldn't like to suggest to students that their work was not their own without confidence in our facts.

Much of this could be alleviated with more user-education information in a support or FAQ section.

How much does Skandy app cost?

Via the web app:

Scanning documents with Skandy costs credits, which you can buy in quantities of 15, 100, or 500, depending on your needs. The price in credits depends upon each document's length — a 1,100 article tested in this review was four credits, while a 200-word paragraph was just one.

Skandy comes with six credits included for newly registered users.

Via the app:

You can download the app for free and test it during a trial period. You can extend your use through different packages, including a subscription.

Is Skandy app safe to use?

There is nothing inappropriate in Skandy, and it does not include advertisements. Until you fully understand how to interpret Skandy's results, we caution against using it as a sole source of evidence for questioning the validity of students' work.

Overall rating of the app.

Assessing Skandy falls into two categories — its use and its effectiveness.

The Skandy apps are clear and professional-looking and provide convenient tools such as saving past documents and results so you don't have to spend more credits.

Assessing the effectiveness is more complicated.

AI-generated text is not a fixed target in the same way as plagiarism. The detector has to look for traits common to AI but not human-produced text, but it will never be possible to regenerate the same text for confirmation. AI's goal is to be indistinguishable from human-made content, so these traits should shrink as it improves. You'll need to carry out your own research to decide how much you are prepared to rely on detection tools for AI-generated content.

Unless you are the creator of the text, it is impossible to confirm the accuracy of the detection.

Traditional plagiarism is straightforward, and Skandy detects this well by comparing your text against billions of existing sources. In many cases, we can confirm plagiarism by finding the original source. Teachers looking to prevent this type of cheating will find Skandy effective and can find positive proof if needed.

The best way to see if Skandy meets your assessment needs is to test it with some of your existing content. Access the web app or download the apps for free and see how it deals with some of your student's assignments using the included free credits.

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