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Sit With Us is a social media app that's designed to promote a kinder and more inclusive school community. The app ensures no teen is forced to eat a meal alone at school. It's an app with a terrific concept, created by a 16-year-old who felt bullied and rejected after eating lunch by herself for all of seventh grade, and it gives kids the chance to reach out to others in their school to prevent them from feeling that way.

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Developer Description

Sit With Us is a social networking app designed to promote kindness and inclusion in schools. Kids can use the app’s features to coordinate lunches with their friends. They can also volunteer to be Ambassadors for their schools and post open lunch events on campus where everyone will be included. No one needs to eat alone!

Sit With Us was designed by a 16 year old girl who was a victim of severe bullying. It was terrible having to eat lunch alone every day, so her goal was to create an app to make sure that no kids felt like they had nowhere to go. So, Sit With Us was created! Inviting others to join the lunch table not only fosters a warmer, more welcome community, but also provides a great opportunity to make new friends.

Sign in via email or Facebook. Type in your school and address so that you can connect with fellow students. 


  • Create a personal profile, including your interests.
  • Add friends, including a “favorite” list.
  • Search for lunches nearby.
  • Add a lunch and invite your friends to join.
  • Decide if you want to be a Sit With Us Ambassador for your school, and take the Ambassador’s pledge. (More information on how to start an Ambassador’s Club is on our web site.)
  • As an Ambassador, host open lunches from time to time that anyone can join.
  • Send messages to your friends or create group chats.
  • View your scheduled or past lunches.
  • Notifications ensure that you won't miss any updates on lunch requests or friend requests.
  • Message center, where you can see all of your chat history.
  • Earn points by posting lunch, approving another's request, adding a friend, checking in a lunch, etc.
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