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Sir Linkalot Spelling Review

Sir Linkalot Spelling is an entertaining and effective app for helping children build their spelling skills. It is already packed full of animations that help children learn about words and their spellings, and it is still growing.

Unlike many spelling apps, Sir Linkalot Spelling doesn't rely on kids just practising repeatedly. It does let them practise, but first, it helps them learn words. It does this with a huge amount of animation-based content that teaches children methods to spell words.

Each animation is concise and entertaining. They're great to watch and have a 'just one more' quality that keeps kids (and grown-ups) playing them.

Sir Linkalot (that may not be his real name) hits just the right level of silliness. In the app, he is present in cartoon form while he teaches children how to create memory cues that will help them with spelling.

He supports the app in real-life guise on a brilliant YouTube channel.

Sir Linkalot Spelling Features

  • Hundreds of animations guide kids to spelling links
  • Multiple-choice tests and crossword challenges
  • Little-and-often learning approach
  • Fascinating history of words content
  • Now including times tables content, too

Screenshots of Sir Linkalot Spelling

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You secure long-term use of Sir Linkalot Spelling through a subscription. You can do this monthly, but the annual subscription offers a good saving. The one-week free trial is enough to get a good feel for the app and as learning spelling is an ongoing process, if you and your kids like the app, the annual subscription seems sensible.


A one-month trial is available for schools, and they can take out a per-pupil license yearly.

Is it good for learning?

Sir Linkalot Spelling is for kids who have moved beyond learning phonics and are now expanding their vocabulary and learning to spell new words. It teaches them methods to remember the order of letters using imaginative ideas expressed using animations. It also includes practice exercises.

The Cons of using Sir Linkalot Spelling

It is almost inevitable in an app that deals with language that there will be the occasional clash. There are so many words in the English language, old ones and little-used ones, that when the app asks for the user to identify the correctly spelt word, there's a chance that a 'wrong' spelling is also correct.

For example, in a list of words that includes 'heart' and 'hart', clearly, the app is expecting 'heart' and, for most kids, that will be the end of it. However, there will be those who have encountered the word 'hart' as another word for a deer. They will choose 'hart' and feel aggrieved ever after. 

This criticism, though, is a tiny one in the scheme of things. It should certainly not put you off the app at all. 

More Information

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Suitable for ages - Primary School Apps (5-7 Years)
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Subjects & Topics - English / Literacy

Great for - Academic Relevance

Benefits for Students

Students have used linking techniques, such as mnemonics, to remember tricky facts for a long time. Sir Linkalot Spelling's strength is in the number of links it makes, the fun it injects in them, and the importance it places on the kids themselves. Kids can use Sir Linkalot's links but are encouraged to make their own. In his words, "If it works for you, it works". In his supporting streams and videos, kids present links they have sent in that are really good.

Benefits for Teachers

Apart from anything else, teachers might well learn some interesting things. The origin of words stories presented by British TV's Susie Dent are fascinating, and I watched far more watched during this review than was strictly necessary!

Teachers can keep an eye on how well kids are doing by looking at their test scores. These show average scores over the last five tests and how many links in a row they've correctly answered.

Benefits for Parents

Any free app that still provides valuable math practice to kids will appeal to parents. The different topics covered by the app give it a good lifespan. Its simplicity and flexibility allow parents to polish their arithmetic and maybe compete against their kids to provide extra motivation.

Parents of more than one school-age child will be pleased to note that the app can track and record the performance of multiple children.=

Download Sir Linkalot Spelling

You can download Sir Linkalot Spelling on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Sir Linkalot Spelling app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Final Verdict: Sir Linkalot Spelling Review

Sir Linkalot Spelling is an award-winning app, and it is easy to see why. It is superbly produced and built around a genuinely entertaining and informative approach to learning how to spell words. Do take a look at the app's YouTube channel and try out the free trial of Sir Linkalot Spelling - it thoroughly deserves the five stars awarded in this review.

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