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About Sir Dapp! Game Show

Sir Dapp, the master of manners, encourages your young children to join him on his gameshow where their politeness, good manners, and respect are the keys to success.  

Teacher Review

Apps to help children grow academically are popular and prevalent on the app stores.  Apps that help young children to develop into respectful and socially responsible citizens are less well represented.  Sir Dapp! Game Show is a new app that poses questions that encourage young children to think about the correct way to treat their homes, friends, families and others around them.  It does this in the form of a TV game show hosted by the app's own Sir Dapp.

The questions given as part of the game show appear to be categorised in two different ways.  There is a choice for each time a new question is reached.  These pick a broad category, such as table manners, or social -gathering etiquette but can also define the style of question such as "Opposite Day".  In this latter category, the player must choose the wrong answer from those presented.  This is not explicitly explained so can result in a little confusion to begin with and it is also difficult to see the point of it in terms of either entertainment or education.

Once the category is chosen, the app presents a question in one of a few different styles.  Players might have to complete a rhyme with the correct word, decide what response to a given situation is polite or respectful, or decide whether a statement is nonsense or common sense.

The questions fulfil the app's intention of prompting children to think about the best ways to behave in order to respect others and themselves.  Helping out at home, consideration, personal health and hygiene, and social responsibility are all covered. 

At their heart, the questions all multiple choice ones but the app really lifts them up with its game-show styling.   The quizmaster, the two contestants and the supporting characters are all full of personality.  Their design, animation, and voice acting do lend the app a TV-show feel. 

The game-show atmosphere is further enhanced by the fantasy sponsorship interludes.  These aren't for real companies or products so they are just for entertainment and education purposes.  They are richly animated and include songs, jingles, and advice for the young users of the app. 

As a round played in the app covers 20 questions, these interludes help to refresh the player and encourage them to keep going.  Like the questions themselves, these are available in a good number, so while you will eventually see some repetition over continuous plays, they won't become irritating.  Should the player want to keep on with the questions, a handy fast-forward button will let them zip through the interludes straight to the next challenge. If the player wants to see more of the characters and hear their music, the app's supporting website has lots of bonus material to access.

Each round of the app is a single, standalone experience.  Past performance will not help nor hinder subsequent plays so children can start afresh each time and see if they can meet a personal goal or better a past score. Children could be encouraged to play a round each day as part of their daily routine.

The geographical roots of Sir Dapp! Game Show are evident in its use of US English in a few places but this should not put off people in other parts of the world.  The app is aimed at young children so its use of simple language means that this does not become noticeable very often.

Among all of the subject-based apps, it is great to see one that is designed to help children think about how their actions impact upon others. What makes it even better is that the thinking points it suggests are wrapped up in such a well-produced and entertaining package. 

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Game shows like those on TV are always fun — here's one that's just for kids! Sir Dapp and his crew are waiting to play the "In The Know Game Show" with contestants 5 - 7 (or younger!) who are ready to explore the fun side of right vs. rude, neatness, with a side dish of "Who did it?!" and more! The fully-voiced game lets kids choose a category, then use their noggins, learning while they play.

Who's the star of the show?
Well, Sir Dapp has all of the fun trivia and raps, but his cousin The Dollie, nephew Duffie, and friend Grumpy Gertrude all know who's "in the know" on this show... the player! There's the Manor's Mysteries to explore, sighting what's polite, figuring out what's historically rude, and so much more.

Of course there's also fun "commercial" breaks for fictional ads, PSA's touching on topics kids need to know about (going green, keeping it clean!), and music videos brought to you by Sir Dapp & the Paw Prints! And for those who just can't get enough of the videos, Millie the Manners Mobile will be available to play them anytime!

Who's ready to play? Let's GO!!

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