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About Simple Sentence Builder

Simple Sentence Builder is an app that has been developed for children to learn how to build sentences through the art of storytelling. Moving their way through stories children must drag the parts of a sentence together to complete it and tell the story of what is happening on the page.

The developer, who is based in Canada, has created an app that can also be used in French, especially useful if your child is learning a new language, is bilingual or has English as an addition language. Parents can purchase multiple stories through the app, all with the same language focus but different content. Users can also adapt the learning within the app to make it slightly harder depending on the level and ability of their child.

Simple Sentence Builder Review

What is Simple Sentence Builder

Simple Sentence Builder is an app that creates a story based activity world where children are encouraged to build and complete sentences based on the pictures on the page. There are a number of books available in the series within the app and each one follows a particular character.

What we love about Simple Sentence Builder

The graphics on the app are good with bold, simple pictures depicting the themes and parts of the sentence that the user must put together. The screen allows for the main picture to take up the whole screen with three boxes at the top and bottom of the screen where the user must drag the composite parts of the sentence together based on what they see happening in the picture.

Sound is similarly good with music and sound effects that perfectly match the experience. A softly-spoken voice over reads the sentence as the user builds it. Children can play this app alone or enjoy it with a parent.

What skills does it improve?

Simple Sentence Builder app is a language learning app. Using it, children learn how sentences can be produced by moving around pictures or words and placing them in the correct order. By looking at the picture children are challenged to comprehend what is happening and then link this to their sentence building. Children will certainly expand their vocabulary, especially regarding animals and different everyday activities that they may undertake. 

The tasks and their learning potential are well matched to pre-school children and those who have just started school.

What age is it appropriate for?

Simple Sentence Builder is rated for children 4+. Any child who can understand how to interact with a touch-screen device can enjoy playing this app.

Is Simple Sentence Builder easy to use?

The app is incredibly easy to use and can be done by the child alone or with support from a parent. Part of the fun is dragging the correct word or picture into the right place and children can experience how language can be used.

How will students benefit?

Children will enjoy the experience of the game. Moving their way through the books and reading/hearing the story as it progresses.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can make use of the story telling aspect of the app as well as the introduction to language and sentence building that it helps children to learn.

How will parents benefit?

Sitting with their children as they explore Simple Sentence Builder lets parents share in their child's learning. Parents are able to add further learning to the storytelling aspect of the app by asking about inference and what their child thinks might happen next in the story. They can also make links between the stories to their own lives to show how language can play an important role.

What Simple Sentence Builder can improve on?

For the most part, Simple Sentence Builder is easy to use, and is fun for children to play. One of the things I would say though is that the overall content of some of the stories could be improved. There does seem in some stories to be some grammatical errors and the stories aren’t as ‘fun’ as they could be. For example, the stories feel like they are sometimes a little forced to make use of certain words and phrases so the actual integrity of the story is lost somewhat.

One addition that might also be useful for parents or educators is to see how far children have got in each book or a summary of how long they have accessed the app for in each session they play on it. This could allow them track and monitor any progress that they are making and might also help to encourage them to use it more over time.

How much does Simple Sentence Builder cost?

Simple Sentence Builder is available in limited form to download for free. It does not contain advertisements however there are multiple packages that can be bought at extra cost to gain access to more content.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

Purchases allow the user to access more content and more books. The user can buy books individually or they could also purchase them as part of bundles within the app.

Is Simple Sentence Builder safe to use

Simple Sentence Builder content is completely child-friendly and contains no content that could be considered inappropriate or unsafe for children.

Overall rating

If you want to help your child to learn how to put sentences together and how to link pictures to words then you and your child will certainly enjoy this app. There are options to slightly tailor the content within the app to make it slightly harder depending on the ability of the child using the app and this is an excellent additional feature and what the app receives a high 4-star rating.

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