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Silly Dinosaur Riddles

About Silly Dinosaur Riddles

Silly Dinosaur Riddles is a book of riddles and facts about dinosaurs that will amuse children. The app introduces children to names and spellings of a range of dinosaurs and uses humour and illustrations to keep children engaged with the text.

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Using simple humor and clever illustrations, this educational app introduces children to the names, spellings and pronunciations of a range of dinosaurs, some of which even adults may never have heard of!

Why did the T-Rex cross the road? And, what should you do if you find a blue Triceratops? Beloved children’s science author Seymour Simon and his longtime collaborator, the hilarious illustrator Dennis Kendrick, team up on a book of dinosaur riddles that will tickle your funny bone!

Salient app features:
★ Contemporary, educational and funny content that teaches young children about their favorite animals, dinosaurs.
★An original Seymour Simon eBook, now available for the first time as an app.
★Book available in Read To Me and Let Me Read formats.
★Audio recorded by Grammy award winner John Marshall Media studio.
★ Word highlighting: words get highlighted in sync with the voice narration. Helps kids spell & pronounce the new words
★Phrase - dinosaur image matching game

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