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Silent Light - Classroom Timer and Decibel Meter

About Silent Light - Classroom Timer and Decibel Meter

Silent Light - Classroom Timer and Decibel Meter is an interesting app which blends a noise meter with a visual timer and task manager.

Teacher Review

The app is not a tool to create information but it serves teachers and kids in that it helps build an environment that is conducive to learning. It also allows student to learn how to self regulate (individually and as a group). It takes the argument of getting kids to quiet down and provides instantaneous feedback. This is a great app to add your bag of teaching tricks.

On the screen, students see a traffic light, a timer, and a description of the task or skill they should be working on. Students also see points earned, and on-task behavior. Behind the scenes, teachers set the timer and appropriate noise levels. Teachers also control point intervals and noise sensitivity. Noise levels range from pin drop quiet to controlled chaos. 

As long as students are on task and keeping their voices at the appropriate levels, the light stays green. If the noise level ramps up, the light changes color until they bring it back down.  Students are notified immediately when they become too loud and are off-task. Too much off-task time can result in lost points.

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Organisational and Productivity Skills


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Glen Storey

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  • Silent Light - Classroom Timer and Decibel MeterSilent Light - Classroom Timer and Decibel MeterSilent Light - Classroom Timer and Decibel MeterSilent Light - Classroom Timer and Decibel Meter

Publisher's Description

Maximise concentration and focus in your classroom. A silent ally in effective classroom management, Silent Light can create calm and clarity in your learning environment. An exciting addition to your teacher toolkit, Silent Light gives instantly accessible feedback on the noise level in your class with beautiful, clear artwork and subtle audio cues. Set optimum sound level goals together and help your students manage their own learning. Silent Light shows the decibel level in your learning space with an easy to understand traffic light system, which you can share on your projector or TV.

Research shows* that today’s children, because they are neurologically immature and lack the experience necessary to predict from context, are inefficient listeners who require optimal conditions in order to hear and understand. Those who continually miss key words, phrases and concepts because of poor listening conditions are significantly disadvantaged.

Silent Light uses your device’s microphone to monitor noise, signal trigger points and empower learners to manage their environment for optimum learning. Silent Light is intuitive, ignores extraneous sound and gives students useful feedback on how they’re working.

Silent Light is created by teachers who use it every day in their classrooms.

Download Silent Light today, forget about focussing on noise and concentrate on the business of teaching effectively.

  • Share on your projector or T.V. through an Apple TV or connection kit
  • Share your learning intention or class goal on screen
  • Silent Light is a Universal App, so it will happily run on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
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