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About SignSchool

Signschool is an app for children with large and clear gesture images. The app has a large word base and supports many languages. It is a resource for learning sign language in a playful way.

SignSchool Review

SignSchool offers hundreds of sign topics, multiple choice games, and a dictionary with different dialects. The app, which is visual-only, also has a “Sign of the Day” feature. This makes it easy to learn a new sign every day.

With more than 4,000 signs and 200 subtopics, SignSchool is packed with educational content. However, some users disliked that signs with multiple meanings lacked descriptions explaining the differences.

With this application, you may learn American Sign Language for free anywhere anytime. Whether you are travelling or just relaxing at home, SignSchool’s app allows you to learn American Sign Language with ease. It offers the dictionary to learn thousands of signs from a large group of signers and various dialects.

Moreover, you may select a category to explore hundreds of sign categories covering a variety of topics. If you want you may also watch signs in more detail with the slow motion feature. It is the best way to learn a new sign everyday and sign up for daily reminders.

Is SignSchool free?

SignSchool is free to all users. SignSchool is available for free to download on iOS or Android device. It can also be used on a desktop computer.

Is SignSchool a good app?

SignSchool is one of the best apps to learn sign language. It features short video lessons and interactive tasks for all levels of ASL.

Overall Rating

SignSchool provides lots of different learning tools, like a dictionary that you can search by sign, topic, or handshape, a Sign of the Day, which is a sign that’s delivered to your inbox daily, and learning games where you can review signs by topic or handshape.

The site has so many free resources that are just great for anyone looking to learn sign language. There’s also a SignSchool app. It’s not quite as comprehensive as the website is, but it still offers lots of free ASL learning materials.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




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You can download SignSchool on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the SignSchool app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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