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Parents need to know that the Sentence Builder App is suitable for children aged 6 to 8 and helps children develop word recognition, listening, and sentence skills. It presents words in random order, then asks the child to drag the words into place to make the narrated sentence.

The app is well designed and easy to navigate and once shown to your child they will be able to progress with the app unsupervised. The parent can sign the child in as a user, where scores are kept or as a guest user. The home screen has a number of settings such as sentence narration, awards, passcode and the ability to sync with Dropbox. We love the fact that you can create your own sentence lessons and this could be ideal for including family member’s names or a topic such as holiday destination. In this way, you could create tasks that are targeted at exactly the right level for the child’s needs. Please note that there are links to other applications offered by the developers by holding the ‘more’ icon for 3 or more seconds. Parents have a great deal of control over the workings of the software, with the ability to skip previously completed sentences, read sentences and words aloud or not, and protect user accounts with a password. Children can access the settings for the app as well as the user account creation area, though that can be protected by an optional passcode.

The app has two levels of difficulty the second levels offers more words for the child to choose from. The graphics are clear and well illustrated and the sentences are split into sub-categories: Subject+Verb+Adverb, Subject+Verb+Noun, Subject+be+Adverb, Subject+Verb+Adjective, Colours and Numbers, Subject-Verb-Object, Subject-Can-Verb, Subject-Verb-Object, Who/what/where/when/which/why, Time of day, Seasons and Days of the week. The quality of the content and options are excellent.

Once a sentence has been chosen the child needs to arrange the sentence in the correct order. The narration is accurate and paced nicely however please note that it is an American accent. The child can press the listen again option and the drag-and-drop interface works nicely. There is also a mixture of capitals and lowercase letters to start the sentence as well as a full stop. If the sentence is placed out of order, then the red light shows. A green light signifies the child has the sentence in the correct order followed by an applause. This is shown by a green tick on the previous menu. Level 2 the upper level includes distractor words that do not belong in the sentences as well as distractor punctuation marks that are not appropriate for the sentence. We did notice that the words on level 2 had been arranged in a pattern for the correct answer, it wont take long for children to pick up on this. We also noticed that some of the distraction words were very repetitive in Level 2.

It goes without saying that this app has a vast amount of content and we really like the fact that personalised sentences can be created and saved. The app is far more educational than it is entertaining and we really like the illustrations and hearing the narration. This app is a good value, especially since it has the ability to personalize content. The provided content is a good fit for the intended age group of 6-8 years old.

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From the Developer

Did you know that automatic recognition of Sight Words is an essential part of functional literacy? This fun game covers all levels of Dolch Sight Words and lets students practice them in context.

The game is fun and simple. Using grade appropriate Sight Words, children assemble short sentences from given words. The player receives visual and auditory feedback indicating whether the response is correct. Once the student answers correctly, the exercise moves to the next sentence.

The game contains no ads.

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