Sight Words for EYFS and KS1

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English / Literacy
Special Education

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  • Sight Words for EYFS and KS1-1Sight Words for EYFS and KS1-2Sight Words for EYFS and KS1-3Sight Words for EYFS and KS1-4Sight Words for EYFS and KS1-5Sight Words for EYFS and KS1-6

From the Developer

Fully interactive educational game that supports the UK National Curriculum EYFS and Key Stage 1's target of 100 sight words before Key Stage 2.

Decrease the homework battles with this easy to use, fun app. Since it's creation, our children are now eager to practice their 'Sight Words' on daddy's phone at any time!

★ 100 words split into 10 easily digestible groups.
★ Ability to change text and background colours for SEN children.
★ Each word is fully voiced, which is easily turned off or on.
★ Each set of words are presented in a random manner to prevent 'parrot fashion' memory reading.
★ Passive and interactive learning modes.

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