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Sight Word Superhero

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About Sight Word Superhero

This is app has been designed to help children, who already have a grasp of reading, the ability to learn sight words in a fun and interactive way. Through playing games and 'fighting' against the witch and her monsters who have stolen all the words from all of the books the user must listen to the voice read out the words that they need to 'free'. Specific sight words can also be selected to focus on in the app if the user requires a more personalised learning experience.

Teacher Review

This app has been developed to help young children who are learning how to read but who already have a reasonable ability in reading. Focussed more on helping young children to learn specific sight words this apps main app is to back up other learning around reading that is already taking place and helping to compound an understanding and ability in sight words to aid the users use of these words. Sight words are words are often called high frequency words and are words that beginner readers are encouraged to learn by sight to aid the reading process. Due to this it is really important that young readers come across the words a lot of the time and learn them through repetition as much as possible. Therefore an app like this really helps beginner readers to make sure that they are doing just this.

The developer of the app has a couple of other literacy apps that they have created but their website is quite limited in giving information about the apps, the developer themselves and the reasoning behind the apps. There is also little information on how the apps work and how to get the best out of these. However this does not detract from the app itself which actually is well put together and certainly does meet the needs that it sets out to achieve. 

There are two modes within the app, a story mode and a timed mode. The main one of these is the story mode which after completing a level gives a short illustrated story. As additional help words are able to be touched and pronunciation is given (this is a great aid for those working at a slightly lower level). Once a story is unlocked it can be read as many times as the user wishes. The app states that there are currently 55 of these sight word stories to unlock and view. 

The graphics and sounds in the app are good and certainly do not detract from any learning and the gameplay itself will have young readers returning to the app to continue playing, something that the app can see as a success. The premise of the app is for users to act as the superhero, fighting the monsters that have been created by the witch who being jealous of the books she can't read, has magically taken them all out the books. By listening to the words being read out the user must select the right word to 'release' by fighting the monster that holds it. Rewards are given for getting the correct word and taken away for any wrong answers. Users must complete each level, by getting right a certain number of words, and not losing all their lives, before they can progress to the next level. There is a lot of gameplay within the app which means that it is good value for money at the cost it is set at. As well as the main content of the app, moving through the levels, there are also sub games for the user to access with some against the clock adding another layer of challenge within the app.

One of the features I really like about the app is being able to access the settings and adjust which sight words are to be used in the games, this is in the timed mode only. This means that if a user needs to focus of some specific words this can be achieved by selecting those words. If this is utilised then it means that a users experience can be personalised to their individual needs meaning that this app could be used by schools and/or parents in a more formal learning environment rather than just as a social learning experience.

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Andrew Lowe

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  • Sight Word SuperheroSight Word SuperheroSight Word SuperheroSight Word SuperheroSight Word SuperheroSight Word SuperheroSight Word Superhero


Learn sight words by hearing the word and selecting the correct one. Defeat different levels to unlock sight word stories to practice reading. Also has a timed mode and some fun mini games to earn power-ups.

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