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About SideChef Recipes

SideChef is a cooking app that contains over 11,000 recipes from top food bloggers, professional chefs, and renowned home cooks. It has step-by-step instructions for a variety of dishes, complete with photos step, videos, and even voice instructions.  The SideChef app is available for free for iPhone (iOS) and Android.

SideChef Recipes Review

What is Side Chef

SideChef is a free recipe app features step-by-step photos, instructions with integrated timers, ingredient-specific video tutorials, and even voice instruction and commands for following recipes even with your hands full. Each of the 2500+ recipes comes with this level of detail, and can be rated and shared on social media.

SideChef makes learning and preparing new recipes easy with a huge array of detailed instructional videos and photo tutorials for thousands of different recipes. It features plenty of quality-of-life improvements for amateurs and pros alike, with voice commands and instructions being a standout feature that lets you stay up to date with the recipe even if your hands are full. The community is great, too, with many new recipes, user photos and ratings, and tips and tricks available from within the app.

Save time in the kitchen and eat healthier from now on by scheduling meals in less than ten minutes for an entire week. How? By downloading SideChef, an app that has weekly meal ideas ready for you. This is a very useful app, especially when there are special dietary requirements within the family.

It helps you to cook smarter, including through the meal planner, compiling shopping lists within the app and step-by-step instructions for preparing a particular dish. Thanks to the photos and videos within the app, everything is very clear and easy to follow. 

How Side Chef app works

After you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be asked to register. You can register using Google+, Facebook, or through email. Once you are logged on, it is easy to get started. The homepage of the app shows you featured recipes for the day to spark some creativity or you can search for recipes based on what you’re looking for in that moment. The app also encourages the social aspect of cooking so you can even add your own recipes. There is a plethora of recipes so if you see something you like, but aren’t necessary ready to prepare it, you can add it to your “cookbook” to view at another time.

Choose a recipe you’d like to prepare to see the ingredients, step-by-step instructions and eye pleasing pictures of your food of choice, as well as see who contributed the recipe. Tap “start cooking” to begin the automated instructions. You’ll see a picture illustrating the step as well as hear instructions to guide you (all while your screen stays lit!). Be sure to check your settings and turn voice control on so that you can simply say “next” to progress to the next step. If step requires a timer, one will automatically appear on your device for the required time. Follow the steps to the completion of the recipe!


  • Clear instructions
  • Fun for both beginners and experienced chefs
  • Suggests dishes with ingredients you have on hand. Ideal!


  • Filters sometimes work a bit difficult
  • Regularly suggests dishes you've already seen or made

Side Chef provides helpful assistance in determining what to cook, what to buy, and how to cook it. Being able to prepare recipes while listening to instructions at your own pace without worrying about getting your device dirty and using built-in timers is really neat. Plus, being able to plan your meals and create lists for the stores helps make the overall cooking experience much easier. As the name implies, it is like having your own personal side chef!

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